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 Alpha Series Directional Roller Lifters













The NEW Alpha Series lifters incorporate the new EDM technology,
a patented pressurized oil system.  In these new lifters, both sides of the
lifter bearings are pressure fed by two oil ports spraying oil directly
on the needle bearings.

We have also incorporated and updated the oil feed system that provides
oil to the top end and rocker arms 25% faster with 10% more oil. . .
many other new features for bleed rate and lifter fill times are also
built into the new Alpha Series Directional Roller Lifters.

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EVO Lifters


















Wood Performance has stepped up to the plate to design and produce another first! 
A very unique hydraulic roller lifter made exclusively for EVO engines.
100% American made.

         New Load Divider lifter bearing race designed to distribute an even load across the cam lobes.
This feature reduces heat and stress that leads to increased cam and lifter life

         A newly designed push rod Lifter Cup that insures even, proper oil flow through the pushrod to the top end.

         New hydraulic Piston Cup and Check Valve that increase bleed time rate.
This corrective action gives you performance like a solid lifter but with
Anti-Pump Up hydraulic operation.



To download a copy of our Retail Price List, CLICK HERE

To locate a Wood Performance Dealer near you, just                      
give us a call at 205-525-4949 or email us at    bob@woodcarbs.com


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Information: bob@woodcarbs.com
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