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Dyno Runs with


Click on the thumbnails below for a Larger view of some typical
Dyno Runs with
Dyno Runs with Red Borders are the Top Performers for  each type                       

Milwaukee 8  WM8-22X Cam


Milwaukee 8  WM8-22XE Cam


Milwaukee 8  WM8-222 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-408 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-408X Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-777 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-77X Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-4860 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-6860 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-9F60 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-9FX Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-999 Cam

Milwaukee 8  WM8-9960 Cam


Milwaukee 8 WM8-68 Production Cam

Milwaukee 8 WM8-68X Cam

Milwaukee 8  Before & After Dyno Runs

WM8  Knight Prowler Experimental Cam Tests


Milwaukee 8  Stock Engine Runs



Shovel Heads...

EVO Engines...
80w6tn.jpg (2569 bytes) 80w6tn.jpg (2569 bytes)  

evo80w9btn.jpg (2641 bytes) evo80w9btn.jpg (2641 bytes) 96w9ftn.jpg (2658 bytes)
evo96w9b-1Stn.jpg (3079 bytes) evo97w9b-1Stn.jpg (3089 bytes)
evo114sk505-trtn.jpg (2794 bytes)

Twin Cam Engines... (88ci & 95+ci)
tc88w6tn.jpg (2725 bytes) tc88w6tn.jpg (2725 bytes) tc88w6tn.jpg (2725 bytes)    93ci-tw72gtn.jpg (3154 bytes)
95tw5tn.jpg (2652 bytes) 95TW6-1tn.jpg (2644 bytes) 95TW6-1tn.jpg (2644 bytes) 95TW6-1tn.jpg (2644 bytes)

tc95tw6hgtn.jpg (2759 bytes)
tc95tw8gtn.jpg (2767 bytes) tc95tw8gtn.jpg (2767 bytes)
  TC95TW9FG-1Stn.jpg (3180 bytes)  tc95tw400tn.jpg (2721 bytes)
tc95tw400tn.jpg (2721 bytes) tc95tw400tn.jpg (2721 bytes)

Twin Cam Fuel Injected...
tc88dualtunnelFItn.jpg (4282 bytes)





tc107EFItw9fgtn.jpg (2887 bytes)

tc117efitw9fgtn.jpg (3040 bytes) tc117efitw9fgtn.jpg (3040 bytes) tc117efitw9fgtn.jpg (3040 bytes)




Twin Cam Strokers...
tc103tw5gtn.jpg (2980 bytes) tc103tw9f-reb435tn.jpg (3208 bytes) 

tc107tw6hgtn.jpg (2718 bytes) tc107tw9gtn.jpg (2756 bytes)  
tc117tw62gtn.jpg (2816 bytes) 
tc117tw9fgtn.jpg (2754 bytes) tc117tw9fgtn.jpg (2754 bytes) tc117tw9fgtn.jpg (2754 bytes)
tc117tw9fg-sk505tn.jpg (3034 bytes)  
tc124tw68tn.jpg (3107 bytes) tc124tw68-1tn.jpg (3079 bytes)
212HPsmtn.jpg (2768 bytes)

88ci122tn.jpg (2885 bytes) 124SK505tn.jpg (3251 bytes) tc124tw68tn.jpg (3107 bytes) 
sk505tunnelramtn.jpg (4400 bytes)

Screamin Eagle 120R Engines


Bikes on Racing Fuel

tc124tw68-1tn.jpg (3079 bytes) 212hptn.jpg (4428 bytes)  

Bikes on Nitrous

Click Here for Video

Clutch Graphs
Click on thumbnails for larger view


      Clutch Slippage Variations

Clutch Slippage Graph 21

Clutch Slippage Graph 20

Clutch Slippage Graph 19

Clutch Slippage Graph 18

Clutch Slippage Graph 17

Clutch Slippage Graph 16

Clutch Slippage Graph 15

Clutch Slippage Graph 14

Clutch Slippage Graph 13

Clutch Slippage Graph 12

Clutch Slippage Graph 11

Clutch Slippage Graph 10

Clutch Slippage Graph 9

Clutch Slippage Graph 8

Clutch Slippage Graph 7

Clutch Slippage Graph 6

Clutch Slippage Graph 5

Clutch Slippage Graph 4

Clutch Slippage Graph 3

Clutch Slippage Graph 2

Clutch Slippage Graph 1

KNIGHT PROWLER CAMS vs.The Competition...
The Numbers Don't Lie!!
Actual Before and After Dyno Comparisons from across America!

Evolution Engines
Twin Cam Engines

tc88bStock-TW6tn.jpg (4104 bytes)

RS657vsTW9FGtn.jpg (4728 bytes)
    tc103SE253-TW5Gtn.jpg (5098 bytes) TCSE211-44vsTW8-435tn.jpg (4845 bytes)
TC95TW6Hplus4BAtn.jpg (4632 bytes) tw400gvsse251tn.jpg (4271 bytes) tw6hgvsredshift657tn.jpg (4142 bytes)



Carbs Compared

stockVS435tn.jpg (4148 bytes) Rebel435vsSK505tn.jpg (4340 bytes) sk505TRvsRebel435tn.jpg (4755 bytes)
rebel435vssk505-11tn.jpg (4531 bytes) SuperGvsSK505tn.jpg (4091 bytes)  
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