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Twin Cam2006New Helical Twin Cam Gears1999

Helical gears have been around for some time and are not new to the automotive industry. 
Automotive transmissions have been using helical gears for decades for a smoother and quieter
transmission.  The motorcycle industry is just now beginning to realize the vast improvements
gained by using helical transmission gear technology.

Helical designed gears function with less noise than traditional gear designs as they roll smoothly together,
not producing the slapping sounds that are common with straight cut gears, not to mention the huge
problem with slightly bent or out-of-round twin-cam crankshafts.

Being more complex and difficult to manufacture, helical gears are more expensive.

KNIGHT PROWLER Helical Gears are made only with aircraft quality 8620 steel. Besides being
Ground to extremely close tolerances (.0001) The Helical teeth are Ground with a "CROWN".
Meaning a Convex Crown of approximately .0002 is ground into each tooth on the rear cam gear
that results in a much smoother and quieter engagement of the teeth.  Bottom Line is “Silence is Golden!”

Thousands of phone calls over the years regarding whining or noisy gears prompted Wood Performance
to re-evaluate the entire noise issue with twin cam engines, not to mention the huge problem with slightly
bent or out-of-round twin-cam crankshafts.

 Complicated? Maybe… but Wood Performance has a unique simple solution:
Belt drives on the external gears and helical gears on the inside.


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give us a call at 205-525-4949 or email us at    bob@woodcarbs.com


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