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We've put the CV in front again with the addition of a HI CAPACITY FLOAT BOWL KIT. The ONLY ONE of its kind!  Now allows 50% more fuel in the carb bowl!  We also addressed the "Jet" problem in regards to Keihn's limited jet sizes.  Our flowed "MAX JETS" come in .001 increments, for very precise fuel curve tuning.   For the stock fans - you can still use Keihn jets.  Also available is a HIGH FLOW FUEL INLET - 20% larger for 5/16 fuel hose.  These HIGH CAPACITY fuel kits are bolt in with no modification to the existing carb! We can proudly boast our CV CARBS for over 7 years now and on several different dynos. Have made over 100+ H.P. consistently with stock H.D. INTAKE - COIL - IGNITION WIRES and H.D. COMBUSTION CHANBERS All with 80 cubic inches!

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