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Testimonials and Email from
Wood Performance Customers


Mr. Wood:
The end of the year I called and asked about what cam to put in a 2019 Harley Fatboy S 114”.
explained it had the SE Extreme Flow Intake, S&S 2 into I Race exhaust without cats and a Powervision.
My riding was 75% Solo and 95% local. Very little Interstate and I weighed 185 without clothes.
I had SE 64mm TB and SE 5.5 Injectors I had bought for a 128 but had not bought the 128 kit and decided
for the time being to put a cam in. You advised to install the 22X-E cam and go ahead and install the
TB & Injectors with the cam and have it dyno tuned. I also mentioned I was talking to Evolution Industries
about a 30 Tooth Solid Sprocket  in place of the Compensator. You told me if I did that I would not need the 128.
I bought the 22X-E cam kit from Fuel Moto and had a local indie shop install and dyno. Came out with
approximately 116hp and 123tq and good lines on the chart.
The Fatboy with the 114” engine loves that cam.
Last week I had the 30 tooth Solid sprocket installed. Wow! That sprocket with that cam does not
need the 128. It runs just like you told me it would. I had to be careful bringing it home.
It was 40 miles on the Interstate in Friday afternoon traffic and light rain. It wants to go from the
time you touch the throttle.
It’s funny because a couple guys on the Harley forum told me there was no way a solid sprocket would
not tear up my engine without the compensator being there.
I asked if they had one and they said no that Harley had to have put the compensator in for a reason
and therefore I was going to ruin my engine.I quit talking to them since it was a lost cause.
ank you for the advice. I’ll attach the dyno sheet for you to see along with a picture of the bike your cam is in.
The paint job was just done a couple weeks ago as a present from my wife for my 75th Birthday.
Ted Tyndall

my other custom 2002 Fatboy runs a S&S 95 kit also with a TW6R Cam...
just a nasty nasty bike.. 

Bob, just finished the Dyno run in the TW6HG I got from you on my cousin bike..
101 hp and 106 tq on 95” kit.. thanks for the great products you build..
question is I’m thinking about building up my old 80” EVO.. how much lift will
stock springs take?? Say a W9 Cam or W10F.. with 10:1 pistons..Dyna 2000i
ignition, CV carb 40mm, mild headwork, Martin Bros pipes (shorts), town bike and just for fun..
Thanks, John

Told bob I’d send him some pictures of the bike for the tw6h cams you guys sent me out are going on.
You guys were a real joy to do business.
Thanks rich borriello

Hi Bob, after speaking to you I decided to put a set of TW400G-7 cams in my
117" 2013fxdwg Dyna & I am impressed with the results. Trying to build a
street & highway friendly motor took a bit of trial + error mainly in camshaft
choice but the Wood cams nailed it. The end result was just what I was looking for,
very strong Torque from  low + midrange RPM, solo or two up. Also would like to
thank you for the prompt service to Australia, the package turned up faster than some
other orders from Australian companies.  Have been asked by many people about the
engine build which I always reply, the Wood camshafts were the main factor in
producing the required end result.                     
Cheers Len (Jock) Edwards.


Thank you very much for the cam and lifters. This is my first Harley and it was slow.
Your cam and lifters I must say, far exceeded my expectations performance wise.
I actually enjoy riding it now. Lol
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and explain things. Keep up the good work.
Barry Jenkins


Randy Jones has Outlaw bagger AMRA winner.
Cams are our Knight Prowler TW-10F-6 using
our Knight Prowler WADL-1012 lifters &
Knight Prowler W200-1200-10L valve springs.

We talked on the phone a year ago about installing a tw-222 camshaft in my HD 2016 ultra.
I couldn't do it last year but i was able to get i done this winter.
I went with the Screaming eagle 110 cu in big bore kit;  8.5 compression ratio
CVO heads Screaming eagle intake D&D fatcat 2 into 1 exhaust and power vision tuner
I attached  the dyno sheets,  All i can say is FANtastic!!!
touch the throttle and you are moving
I can't say enough, Great cam shaft and thanks for your advice,
Jarret Seigler

We talked on the phone a year ago about installing a tw-222 camshaft in my HD 2016 ultra.
I couldn't do it last year but i was able to get i done this winter.
I went with the Screaming eagle 110 cu in big bore kit;  8.5 compression ratio CVO heads
Screaming eagle intake D&D fatcat 2 into 1 exhaust and power vision tuner. I attached  the
dyno sheets,  All i can say is FANtastic!!!
touch the throttle and you are moving I can't say enough, Great cam shaft and thanks for
your advice,
Jarret Seigler


This is Dane over at Mike Bruno’s Bayou Country Harley-Davidson.
I wanted to send you this dyno sheet for this 2013 FLHTCUSE 110 C.I.
We put the TW-888, you roller lifters, and a Bassani B4 2-into-1 exhaust.
I also sent you a picture of the customer riding as you can see he is
enjoying it very much. He is very impressed.
Dane Giroir
Assisstant Parts Manager
Mike Bruno's Bayou Country Harley-Davidson
1740 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Houma, LA 70360
Phone: (985)872-4380
Fax: (985)872-4387


From: Bret Settle
Wood cams never fail to deliver, but the new TW-888 is a real gem. 
As a bolt-in, it’s a fun ride.  Feed it with compression and let it breath, it
becomes a real beast across the board.  With heads and a tune from
Wolfgang/Mutant Motors, it’s the best dyno curve I’ve had from a 107”
build: peak 131hp/135tq.  Great job on your new line of cams.

Bob, I ordered a set of your TW400-6 cams after talking with you about my
current set up on my 2011 road glide custom. I can't tell you how impressed
and satisfied with the cams i am, they are amazing...complete torque monsters,
from idle to WOT. These cams pull and pull, really woke up my motor. Thank you
again for a great product. It was an easy instal, these cams everyone says are
loud and noisy but I find them to be quieter than the SE260s they replaced.
They have a sewing machine sort of hum/tapping sound but doesn't sound to loud.
I am a completely impressed and satisfied customer, and will never order any
other cams but Woods cams. I'm looking at doing your belt drive next, how much
does that cost, and is it an upgrade that would be good for the motor.
Tank you for your time in advance.

NC State VP

Hey Bob,

I finally got my bike put on the dyno its amazing! I’m running the TW777 it’s a
torque monster!
All the torque you would ever need! Just got back from a 550 mile
trip it was night and day difference like a different bike for sure!
I would recommend this set up to anyone!
Brian K. Ebel
Electrical Maintenance & Construction

HI Mr. Wood,
Just wanted to contact you and let you know that the triple 7 cams and Knight prowler lifters
that I bought and installed over a year  ago  have been working great and have performed  flawlessly .
The increase in power was just what I was looking for! Also I wanted to thank you for the free copy
of your book that you included with my order, it was a very good read! 
I also wanted let you know that I am very impressed with your products, your book and how you
have lived your life!!
Thank you
Doug Cunning
Lincoln, NE

Bob---I'd like to thank you for your advice. Your RRC-2 kit was totally complete-
I needed to get nothing else. I love the 555's in my 05 Road Glide. Jamie at
FuelMoto got the PC-5 tuning down very well. The bike has a very different
character now. Pulls very strongly compared to before. The sound through the
Vance and Hines true duals is sharper- not nearly as mellow as it sounded before.
Very crisp throttle response also. Thanks also for the shirt and book.
What and adventure bringing 464 Juliet back home. Very good read.
Thank you again sir- it is a pleasure doing business with you.
You can post this on your testimonials page if you would like.

       Jim Rayer, Columbia, SC

This cam / valve springs  is just what you said it was. 99 Hardbody Softail,
S&S 113". 795 lbs. Total weight with rider & bike. This bike is now gets there before me.
Thanks for the book, (WOW). & SHIRT.
FROM John Northrup, Rochester, N.Y.

Hi Bob,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I purchased some TW408-6 cams and lifters off
you in April for my CVO 110" powered Lowrider.
I'm just writing to say a big thank you as the performance is now exactly
how I want it. Blistering!!
The power is right there from low all the way through. It screams.
It's now putting out 131 horsepower at the rear wheel and 128 pounds torque.
Not bad for a 110".

Kind regards from New Zealand.
Richard Craddock

I just received and installed your directional roller lifters in my ’06 FLHTCUI. 
Typical initial 95 motor build with Big Boyz street heads, Andrews 26 cams, Baisley
oil spring, H-D hydraulic cam plate and stock HD “B” series lifters. 
After ~ 8K miles the lifters were making more noise than the whole motor so I installed
yours and to your pushrod spec.
WHAT A DIFFERENCE…  the clatter is now all gone!!!  I’ve never had an H-D Twin Cam
motor run this quiet, modified or stock.  Point is…  thank you for inventing a product that
finally works like it should (as compared to the H-D production part junk)!!! 
Your products are definitely now on my “quality aftermarket parts” list.
Also…  thanks for the book and tee-shirt!!!
Thx & Regards,
Tom Dickerson

Bobby, Terry,
Thanks for everything so far.  I am thrilled to have finally had you rework my carburetor. 
I have been paying attention to you for years.  I even talked to you once years ago
but I never did anything until now.  However at this point I would like to convert my bike
to using nothing but your products and your system.
Bobby, thanks for sending the air filter and backing plate.  I will get you the additional
money by the middle of next month or sooner hopefully.  As it is I spent as much as I
could this month.  I wasn’t expecting to do this this month but when the plastic fuel inlet
broke I thought that was a sign that it was time to send the entire unit to Woods Performance. 
Your kindness is greatly appreciated and I will try to show my appreciation and pay you early.
I also saw another picture of your FXR parked in front of a beautiful lake. 
You really kicked out the front end.  It looks real cool.
Thanks again for everything.
Continued success.

Brian Kelly  

Hi Bob from Northern Alberta. 

I purchased your Directional Roller Lifters and a set of TW-777 at your recommendation and couldn’t
be happier.  Have them in an 09 FLTR Road Glide with an S&S 106” top end.  Before with the other cams
I had in it felt like I had “some” power, but now it’s almost out of hand!  I almost can’t shift fast enough,
the rear suspension is sacked and the front is pulling up.  Like them a lot.  Great, quality product.  
Happy I came across them.Just bought a new Dyna too so will definitely be putting in Wood Performance
cams and lifters also.  And No!  I’m not recommending your products to anyone!  
“SMOKE THE COMPETITION!”  Hahaha, my secret.
hanks again.  Gene up North.

Here's a copy of my dyno run from a local harley dealer this past weekend at their dyno shoot out.
Took first place in the 88" - 96" class.
Here’s a pic of me on my 01 road king going thru the Tail of the Dragon after completing the build.
   I installed your 408 cams and Super King 505 carb a couple years ago and all I can say is  WOW !  
That together with DTT ignition and Bub 7 two into one exhaust makes for one powerful combination,  
over 112 sae HP from a 95”  twin cam.  I’ve taken a total of 5 first place prizes at local dyno shootouts
with this combination, and still get close to 40 mpg  cruising  down the road.
Just want to say   “thanks”   for making such great products.

I am sorry this took a while. We had weeks of constant rain. Finally had a good sunny day to
take a picture of 2013 Road King Classic.
We had the 222 Cams installed and we are extremely excited about the torque and power increase.
We picked up over 15 foot pounds of torque. Never have down shift in 6 gear with 2 up to pass vehicles.
Thanks for the wonderful customer support to help me choose the right cam for us. We are a loyal customer.

Seattle, WA

thank you for your help with some cams, we won pro gas in sturgis,
thanks tom

A few months ago I spoke with Mr. Wood about different performance products he has available
to the motorcycle world. Especially the Harley-Davidson world. I found that Mr. Wood has a very
direct way of speaking to customers about his products. That being said, I selected the Knight Prowler
tw6h cams, the Knight Prowler directional roller lifters and the 4 degree advance cam gear. These parts
were put in a motor with 95 ci of displacement. It has 10.5 compression, fuel moto level b heads
and a fat cat 2 into 1 header. The motor blew everyones mind when it was dynoed. 111 horsepower
and 107 on the torque. The motor is also fitted with a 51mm throttle body from horsepower, inc.
and a power commander. This motor was built by Roger at C&C custom cycles, in Chariton, Iowa.
Bob Chipp, owner of C&C, says this motor is the strongest 95ci motor their shop has ever built.
A framed copy of the dyno sheet hangs in the state of the art dyno room at C&C. I also won the
dyno shoot out at the 10th anniversary show and dyno shoot out at Fat Baggers, Inc. with this motor.
Mr. Wood I want to say thank you for your help in selecting the parts from your company,
that made this possible. Your Knight Prowler speed products are not only outstanding in the
quality department, but outstanding in the result department. Absolutely, without a doubt,
bar none, they work.
Bill Fabac,
Smithville, Missouri

Just wanted to say my dealer (Barb's Harley Davidson) suggested TW-222 cams for my 2013 Tri glide. 
I had them install them along with your new lifters and wow!!!!   What a difference.  This trike will now
go from the back of the pack to way out front.  I've never felt anything just wake up a little off idle
and pull and pull thru 90 mph!  Cold here in South Jersey to ride, but the 10 miles home was the
best ride I've ever had on this thing.  My sled has become a rocket ship! 
Thank you so much for the excellent design!!!!
Joe Davies
Mt. Royal, NJ 

Hey there Bob. I don't have the tune finalized just yet as I'm waiting for the shop to open back up at the beginning of the year. 
Once I have the final dyno sheet and all tuned with with the final numbers I will send that as well.
Feel free to use my story on your website.  I have attached a picture of the bike for you as well.
I do have a question though.  I hear a SLIGHT knock when first accelerating.  I'm not sure if its just because of the
new cam being a high lift and its just a little louder than before or if it is something I need to have addressed. 
We have installed the 555, the Woods Night Prowler Lifters, and the Fuel Moto adjustable pushrods. 
Sounds fine when cruising, just a new noise I'm not sure about.
Thanks again!
Jimmy Fountaine

Bob it’s Gavin Delacy from  Melbourne  Australia , you sent me a W6 evo cam and I want to thank you for that grind cam
because it is 1 awsome cam. I tried 5 cams and the EV3 was good Crane cams not so good the W6 never sleeps,
it works so on song with my 94 FXR with the  mods it is unbelievable with out fine tune yet. Your t shirts are way
cool as well and you got it to me so quick . THANKS BOB YOUR  A TRUE LEGEND and 1 last thing our country
stands beside USA all the way.
Gavin Delacy

Hey man, my name is Chuck. I have a 2009 Streetglide that has been modified extensively including a 107 top end
with T-man perf. touring elite heads,Feuling oil system,cam plate,lifters, Darkhorse crank w/corillo Hbeam rods,new
H.D.cases w/Timken conv. and heavy duty right side bearing, H.P.I. 55 mm throttle body, RB racing LSR 2/1 exhaust
and chain conversion, Bandit clutch in Evoloution basket w/evoloution solid front crank sprocket. The reason I listed all
of this is so you know that I am no stranger to performance. I just recently replaced the cams in my motor
with your new 999-6 cams. Man you nailed it. I would have never picked that profile for a bagger just because of the valve timing,
I chose to try them based on how your website described they would perform and your reputation. I was looking to produce torque
earlier and man that is exactly what I got along with great mid and top. I didn’t think that was possible. I’m a fat guy (310) on a
fat bike and with a half ass tune when I wick it from a roll it will drag the rearfender, Scared the shit outta me the first time.
Two words can describe those cams...BAD ASS! The only change I made were the cams and new lifters and my bike didn’t run
like that prior, hell of a difference. I was seeing 121 hp and 118 tq average on dyno pulls before, I cant wait to get this thing dialed
in and see what kind of numbers it will see. I don’t usually care about dyno readouts other than to use them as a tuning tool,
but now I’m excited. Just wanted to send an attaboy your way man, hell of a job.

I put the Wood's 7h cams and Knight Prowler lifters in my 2012 FLTRSE. Really woke the 110 up have a
very nice torque curve, 120.76 torque. Bob was very helpful in giving me the information I needed to get
the best cams for me and the way I ride. Thanks Bob
Les Ingram, Pope County Illinois

Bobby, I again did a new bagger last year (2013 Street Glide) using yourTW222 cams, directional Lifters,
screamin eagle race tuner, Vance &Hines 2:1 Pro pipe and performance machine Merc air cleaner.
Bike runs great and is comfortable for the 800 mile Days me and the wife do pretty regularly.
You make A great product and have always been so kind when I order or need anything.
Seems about 112 mph Then I have to shift into 6th though?! Thank you!
Chase Hightower
5397 W CR 75 North
Connersville Indiana. 47331

Bob Wood's cams work exactly like he says.  Makes power, had an Andrews 37 and replaced with Bob's TW8G.
O.M.G. what a difference, unbelievable horsepower and torque difference. Some people complain about valve train
noise, I noticed no noise at all, just power. Bob recommended 2 degree advance kit to help bottom end... it's amazing
the power this can put in my bike. I'm running 10:1 compression, ported and polished heads, big bore kit with Primo
3 inch belt drive and 32 tooth trans sprocket. If you need tech advice, Bob is happy to talk to you and guide you the right way.
He is very honest and a real biker-knowledgeable man. I am telling all the brothers how good this cam works and
stop spending your money on cams that Claim they work. I've rode HD's for 45 years and have had some fast bikes,
but this upgrade has made my softail the quickest. Bottom line, Wood Cams work!

Bob, I called and ordered cams off you in January. You talked me into your new tw999 6a for my 12 streetglide.
Awesome recommendation. Just had it tuned today. Bike only has 30 tooth compensator gear, cams, 2 into 1 bassani,
heavy breather, and super tuner. 101 hp and 111 torque. Really impressed. Bike pulls hard. For a basically stock 103,
I am very pleased.Also you sent me a free tshirt and a copy of your book. I have not read a book in 15 years. I figured if
someone was nice enough to give me a free book, that it was worth reading. I was glued to you book every night for bout
a month till I finished it. Is Raul still around, does he still work for you? Just curious. Will always use and recommend woods cams.
Thanks again, Matt Robinson

Hey Bobby,
Just wanted to let you know your cams are the best. We finished my 107ci. M.V.A. heads 58mm throttle body with
your tw999-6 and directional lifters. It made 129.41 hp. and 132.48 tq. My 120r buddy is sick ! Here is a copy of that
run file for your records. Also thanks for the book , what an adventure. That would make a great movie.

Michael 'Jake' Jacobs

Sargent at Arms
High Rollers MC
702- 807-2995

Hello, I just put a cvo 110 together against what others told me. It is stock flat top pistons,.030 head gaskets,
stock 103 acr heads with some port work and stock valve sizes. A 58 mm Throttle hog with 5.3 injectors,
your lifters and the tw 999-6a cams, Jamie @ Fuel Moto sent me a base map to get it running and after 3 Target Tune runs
and adjustments This thing is one strong bike I don’t know what the dyno will say but compared to the bike stock
and tw7h-6 cams the butt dyno says Its a lot stronger and pulls hard right off idle to the limiter!!!! Happy Happy!
Let all the experts say that those cams are to big for a good easy riding touring machine and wont have any
bottom end power and I will show em different and laugh! Thanks for putting products out there that will
work as said, nice job on that cam set!

After owning my 2011 Street Glide with a 96 motor for over 5 years, I decided it was time for a change. 
I generally ride two up and occasionally pull a trailer so I was primarily looking for some extra torque. 
I gave Mr. Wood a call and he recommended his TW-222 cams and I also decided to replace my
stock lifters with the Knight Prowlers. I now have everything installed and I’m amazed at how much more
power I have.  Now riding two up feels like it did with just me before the cam change!
This is the perfect cam for me.  Thanks for waking up my 96!
Brian Hodge – Tulsa, OK

  We spoke last Fall and you helped me choose your Night Prowler 777 cam and lifters for my bike. 
The fact that you told me that they were bolt in on my 2011 FLTRI 103” with no changes to springs
was the clincher.  Anyway, I bought them from Fuel Moto along with the required gaskets and cam bearings. 
I also used Zipper’s adjustable push rods, an HD SEST, a D+D Fatcat with wrapped louvered baffle and . 
The result was phenomenal with an instant on torque curve that is as flat and long as Kansas! 
Heads or displacement changes would have gotten me more, but it wasn’t necessary. 
My tuner  outstanding as you can see on the attached dyno chart. 

2014 street glide 107 with TW 777 and the new alpha lifters put a big smile on my face every time I
pull the trottle, thx Bob.
The tuning was done by Gary William and the results was 113 hp and 125 torque ,sweet.
Luis Benjamin

Bob I just had the below parts installed by Freedom Harley Davidson in Ottawa Ontario in Canada on my 2013 FLHX
Street Glide with the 103 engine. The TW-222 camshaft pulls hard from the 1000 RPM to 5000 plus.
Lots of power and torque my street glide idles nice sounds good and performance is great thanks.
Wood TW-222
CV carb with DYNO Jet kit
Harley Davidson factory header pipe with NO CAT
Screamin' Eagle Premium Tapered Quick-Install Adjustable Pushrods
Screamin' Eagle Billet Cam Support Plate with High Volume Oil Pump
Screamin' Eagle Premium Tapered Quick-Install Adjustable Pushrods
Stage 2 Harley Davidson download

Your TW-222 is everything I expected & then some. Pulls hard from idle to 5500 rpm, great torque curve,
exactly what I need for two up riding on my 09 Road King Classic. Motor is stock 96” with K&N RK-3930 air cleaner
plus Vance & Hines Monster Ovals (plug removed). A huge improvement in power for not much money.
And a big thanks to Justin Grobe for a killer dyno tune.
Still wearing a cap as I just got back from riding in 42° weather. I’m planning to ride whenever there’s no ice on
the road as the bike is a ton of fun with the additional thrust.  Click here to view dyno run.

Barry Milton
Benton Illinois

Thanks for recommending Justin, what a great guy to work with. Your 222 cams made 102 tq & 87 hp on my stock 96" motor & my
Road King is a totally different bike. Justin replaced the stock clutch spring with the heavier Screamin Eagle spring & it's a
perfect match for the additional torque.
Ihave 350 miles on the new cams & could not be more pleased.
Barry Milton

Mr Wood,
First of all Thank You for taking time to talk with me about my upgrade. I have always liked to do business
with people who are professional, and work with you to answer any questions I may have.
Thanks to Route 66 Ironhorse Ranch, for recommending your product, and doing the install.
I have a 2012 Ultra Classic with the V-Twin 103.  I happen to be a rather large person, and when riding,
even though I was pleased with its performance, I wanted to have more power in the mid range. I mentioned
this to my mechanic, and right away he said Wood Triple Deuces. After the install, and I was able
to ride her home, I was absolutely amazed with the results. Riding in 5th & 6th gears, i felt as if 5th worked  
harder, and 6th not enough. I felt as if I needed an in between gear.  Now riding 70 - 75 mph in both of those
gears are effortless. The power she has where I need it is perfect. I am very pleased with the outcome,
and now its like i'm riding a new Harley. I just cant describe how pleased I am.  My Wife notices it also.

Thank You Sir
Bear Smith
Broken Arrow, Okla.

Installed the wood tw - 222 cam with lifters that I purchased from fuel moto and the map I received from
Jamie made the bike better than ever..  Real nice power, enjoying the new ride… 2008 Ultra,  Great cam…
Lou Cata
St. Augustine, Florida

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the TW222. I would’ve never thought a cam
change would make such a difference! At 2700 rpm it just comes alive and pulls! It’s like a whole
new bike. Can’t wait till the warm weather gets here. I highly recommend the TW222 for anyone
with a stock 103 touring

    Thought I’d take a moment to send you a picture of my pride and joy,
    my 2006 H-D FLHTCUSE and my 2002 H-D FLHR.    
    The FLHTCUSE has a custom built 117cid engine by Rod Cochran of Rod’s Performance.  
    It features your absolutely stunning TW-408G cam set driven by an S&S gear set,
    SE billet cam support plate, high flow oil pump, Axtell cylinders and reverse dome pistons,
    S&S Flywheels trued, balanced and welded by Rod, heads by R&R Cycle, HPI 55/58mm
    throttle body, D&D Fatcat with performance baffle and Jet Hot Extreme Sterling coated
    headers, HPI oil filter mount, JAGG 10 row oil cooler, 3.37:1 primary gearing, and a
    Baker OD6 transmission.  Numbers are 122.36HP and 124.24TQ.  Dyno chart is on your
    website at
http://www.woodcarbs.com/images/tc117efitw408g-2.jpg .    
   The FLHR is basically a stock TC88 save for your amazing TW-6G cam set driven
   by an S&S gear set, SE billet cam support plate, high flow oil pump, SE air cleaner,
   Vance & Hines Dresser Duals with Jet Hot Extreme Sterling coated headers, and
   SE (Kerker) Fishtail mufflers.  Numbers are 77HP and 99TQ.
   Can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my machines.  Rod and Richard at
   Rod’s Performance did a wonderful job at building two reliable bikes for me........
   one of which is very scary fast.  Just look at the torque line, and you’ll see what I mean
   when I say “Sick Quick!”  Thanks, Bob!

Henry Labiche



 Sending you a picture of me on my FBI 2009 Razorback with my new Woods
TW-408-6 cams.  Hope you will post this!!! 
 Wow what a difference your cams made in my bike. I thought it had the torque
and horsepower before, Now it is unbelievable fast, Torque and horsepower I am
getting with the Woods TW-408-6 cams is almost scary!!!    
 145hp  with 148 lbs torque in my Jim's 120 cubic inch motor!!! 
I highly recommend your cams to all my friends, My son is planning to install woods cams this fall!
Dane DesCombaz
Ottumwa, Iowa

Hi Bob enjoy this instead of a print out 2000 FXD 106 kit 3.930Flat top  
piston kit S&S -G carb thunderheader pipe  Woods TW-8-G cams Rosa's
cycle Heads . This is second gear and he can do the same in 3rd gear 
Thats what WE call High lift!!! feel free to use this on your web page Power Up
Best regards, Andrew Rosa 

BOB,  Wow! Just installed and tuned my bike with your tw6g cams.
90+horsepower and 90+ft lbs of torque. Not bad for a basically stock 88 in. motor.
It just rips!!! I'ts so much fun to ride!  This is an awesome cam, thanks so much
for a great product.  Craig P. (sr.)

Mr. Wood,
     I obtained the information to determine the elements, for my engine build, from
your web site.  Without your efforts to compile a dyno page, I would have been merely guessing
as to what composite elements were needed to achieve my desired results. As you can see from
my dyno run , not only was your dyno page invaluable but your TW7 cam provided the perfect
numbers for an exceptional street machine.
     I thank you for your work in furnishing not only necessary information but for your knowledge
and production of the proper parts to truly get the most out of my riding needs and/or requirements.
I enjoy my cycle much more now, than would ever have been possible prior to my visit at your web site.
                                                                              Thanks Again,
                                                                              Dennis--From :"The Silver State"

Thank you for referring me to Wolf here in town. We ended up going a little more
conservative on the cams, using your gear drive, along with the 400’s and valve springs.
While Wolf was working on the heads etc, I took your advice and machined a new set of
teeth for the stock rear pulley (70). Now with the help of 30 tooth front, I have a 3.15 final
with retention of the cush drive. While it may not be the king of the horsepower shoot-outs,
the bike is incredibly snappy and a blast to drive. It has power over the entire range and is
perfect for a dresser. Please post this dyno run to your website, as it might get Wolf a little
more business.

Thank you again for making a great product.
Scott Bliss
Houston, Tx

Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 1:23 PM
Subject: TW6-6
Bob I wanted to thank you for your help in recommending the cams for my 09 Street Glide.
Your customer service is second to none and I will recommend you anyone looking for cams.
My bike sounds and runs great. I can not believe how hard it pulls now. Dyno Run
Thanks again
.      Ricky Parkman

Hi Bob. Just wanted to share with you my results with your TW6G(510lift) cam.
I bought your cams on my sons recomendation.His dyno charts is on your site as
well with a 117/9bg. This combo really pulls hard. The torque with this cam is unreal.
Thanks for another great product Bob... The build is a 103 ci 10.2 compression
Hillside stage II heads TW6G cams Bored 2 piece delphi throttle body Rhinehart true
duals TTS tuned by Dave at JD's CycleworksDyno Run

Thanks Bob,

Bob, You have done it again! I installed a set of your  Knight Prowler directional
lifters last week took her out both saturday and sunday a little over 200 miles.
My valve train is happy now! Cruise is quiet and it gets quieter the more I beat on it.
You dont know how many sets I have tried and tossed. Your R&D has paid off
another Job well done! Cant wait to put a set in my other Bike.    
Thanks Rick VanKirk

Dear Mr. Wood,
My local Harley Davidson dealer recently installed your TW7H cam in my
2009 Road Glide with 110 c.i. motor.
Wow ! I am thrilled with the outcome. Very noticable difference in
performance at all rpm ranges. Outstanding throttle response with what
seems like unlimited torque. All of power is right where you want it
for day to day riding.
Note I also scrapped the stock 2009 HD header with the catalytic
converter and replaced it with an HD 2009 non cat header. I am also
running a set of Kuriyakin mufflers.
I had the HD shop do the tuning with the HD tuner.
Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding product !

John Gugliotta


Hey Bobby, 
Just thought I'd take a minute to drop you a note about your RCC-1 Conversion Kit for
older Twin Cams.  Honestly I thought this was going to be a huge pain in the ass.  
But your kit and Tw6 cams were an easy install.  You should know that I'm no school
trained mechanic. We do have to fix a bunch of farm equipement around the place. 
Heck, most of time I have to do 1/2 the job twice just to use up all the 'left over' parts! 
Anyway, I got the kit on Thursday and saw it was going to snow on Fri/Sat so I went for it. 
Got out the shop manual and tore my '01 Road Glide (stock w/carb) down on Friday. 
Had to wait to put it back together on Saturday.  The only problem I had was that my only
cam puller was for an EVO motor. That probably took the most amount of time, but no one
nearby had a loaner. NO! They are not interchangeable- but they can be Farmer Rigged to work.
The lifters/ pushrods/ cams (was that easy or what?) and oil pump were done by noon.
You were right- I didn't even have to remove the carb to do the work on the cams or the
new jets/needle.  I dropped the new needle jet/ main/ intermediate in and turned it over
about 1/2 minute.  Turned on the gas, pulled out the choke and hit the button again.....
started on the 2nd turn!  It made a lifter racket for a moment and then settled right down
to a blomp-blomp-blomp-blomp- blomp.  I let it warm for about 10 minutes, adjusted the
idle to 1000 and backed it off the lift. 
Now if the snow will just melt (got 14" yesterday) I'm up for a ride!  I'm anxious to see how
that hi-flow oil pump works, too. BTW- my old timing shoes (60k miles) were so worn they
had begun to pit against the chain both inner and outer! That's about as close to a
motor-meltdown as I care to get.
Thanks for a great product! Thanks, too, for the military discount on the cams.  Everything helps!
King Cavalier II
Carry The Flame, Inc.
PHONE 970 962.9306 ext 203
FAX 970 962.9316

You're a genius. Your suggestion to change the trans sprocket to 30
tooth and the drive sprocket to 70 tooth fixed the problems of
transmission gear spacing on my 2007 SE Road King while adding more
power to the rear wheel.
Along with the TW7H cam, Prowler lifters, and Jagg oil cooler you
suggested I've finally got all the problems resolved and kick-ass
power to boot.
Can't thank you enough for all the time you spent walking me through
Best regards,
Bill Frazer


Mr. Bob Wood
Installed the TW9BG cams and have been very happy at how they respond
to the throttle. Great pull and driveability. It was a good match for all my other
components and left me very impressed with your products. I do all sorts of
Harley repairs and modifications as well as engine building and have finally
found a cam product line I am happy with. I have been recommending your
cams in all my builds and have been very satisfied. I had my bike dyno'd at
Horsepower Express in Campbell California and was in shock when I saw
the numbers I was putting out. I will send a copy of my run sheet. Just wanted
to let you know you have another very satisfied customer.
My build as follows: 

2006 95" RoadGlide
RE Engineering port and polished heads .194 int  .160 exh
Horsepower Inc. 51 mm Throttle Body
Tall K&N air cleaner
Wiseco 10.5:1 forged pistons
Timkin bearing conversion, trued flywheels and welded
Re-Geared Primary drive to 3.37:1 with GP design outer support bearing on compensator
Heavy Duty SE clutch with AIM centrifical lock up
Thunderheader 2 into 1 exhaust pipe - tuned.
Gear driven KNIGHT PROWLER .630 lift cams

Thank You

Martin Galindez

GC Field Mechanic
510-367-9231 Mobile
Concord/Walnut Creek
Transportation Services

Mr. Wood,
I installed the parts I purchased from you this past weekend (Cams, Lifters, Hydraulic Tensioner Conversion).
I am very pleased with the items you recommended. The bikes ridability is much improved due to what feels
like a much broader and flatter torque curve.
Thank you.
Mark Miles


After running the WS6 cam from Cortez, CO to Reno, NV, I am nothing less than impressed.
This cam has the smoothest, flatest torque curve that I have had the joy of playing with! My
buddies are running 07 and 08 Street Glides with the big bore kits. They are amazed at how
my "small" 74" shovelhead keeps up. I can't wait until I can afford a stroker kit! 
I have 1 question for you, what is the overlap on this cam? I have lost my spec sheet and
had a Harley engine builder ask me this. He too is very impressed with the performance of your cams.
Thanks again for taking the time to talk me into your cam over the phone a couple years ago.
Josh Alexander

I just wanted to Thank you for recommending Joe's cycle. The bike is running much better & it
was a pleasure doing buisness with him. Again I Thank you and him for solving some
aggravating problems.
Dave Wilson   

Dear Bob,
I recently purchased your night prowler cams, lifters, HD pushrods and
cams chain conversion kit.  I followed your advice and had RC Cycle in
Hayward install and dyno my bike. 
Once the parts were installed and the bike tuned I can’t tell you what a
difference it has made in the performance of the bike it even sounds different.
I just wanted to thank you for the superior parts and recommending RC Cycle to me.
Thanks again and should I ever need parts or can recommend you or RC Cycle, I will.

Happy Memorial Day 2010
Jim Schell

I fitted a set of your tw5-6 cams in my 2007 FLHT 103 motor stage two
heads 10.33.1 comp etc. Wow the motor runs cooler and pulls very hard from
1800 to 6200 rpm limiter. The bike has a lumpy exhaust note with no more
shake at idle and the fuel consumption has improved. All this with a caned
TTS map so I cant wait until I get my bike dyno tuned.
The improvement over the Andrews 54h is amazing
Thank you Mr Wood
Brian Gorman

Just got my bike back from the dealer after installing the cams you recommended.
Thanks for taking the time to recommend the perfect cam for my set up and riding style.
2010 Street Glide 96 ci with V & H Pro Pipe Chrome, Ness Big Sucker Stage I A/F,
Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner, Wood TW-6-6 Cams. Tuned at H D Bowling Green.
Bike runs great. Strong all the way through RPM range. Very satisfied with the gains.
Dyno sheet attached. Max Power = 94.73 Max Torque = 101.46.

Thanks again,
Tom Covington
Hopkinsville KY

I just wanted to share my results with you and your customers.  I had Hillside Cycle
install the TW-7H with the 4 degree advance gear and then had it tuned at Joe's Cycle. 
My motor is otherwise stock.  I cant believe the difference in power.  The dyno sheet
shows the numbers but driving it is like driving a totally different bike.  Thanks for a great product.
Upstate NY

Just wanted to drop you a thanks, I sent you my dyno sheet last week after my engine build and
I had 59hp you told me from the sheet I was Wet Sumping. Well, the O-ring behind the oil pump
had been compromised during instalatina and you were correct. The bike just dynode at 120hp/120 Torque.
Dave Harmon

TW9BG Cams
50MM Zippers TB
10.5/1 Pistons
Heads ported

Hi Bobby. Here is a Photo of me and my bike enjoying a nice evening ride.
I want to thank you for making the best Parts Made for Harley Davidson's.
Working in a Harley Dealership for the Last 2 and one half years showed me
how much butter your parts work and are Made. I am using your 408G cams
with a 107" kit. I had been having Lifter noise from running hi lift cams. So I have
to tell customers their bikes will make very little lifter noise. But since using your
Knight Prowler improved lifters and your bee-hived valve springs there is no more
noise. I just love them and my customers love them also. Your cams are the
best in the motorcycle world. They make more power and torque across the
entire power band. I make 135 H.P and 118 ft lbs of Torque. What a nice touring
bike. Went from Indiana to Nova Scotia and back.  4k miles round trip. Keep up
the great work and keep making Parts that work and last. My customers love
their bikes.  SOUTHSIDE  JOHNNY  219-384-8568

I recently called Bob Wood to get some advice on cam selection for
my 2000 dyna convertable. After asking several questions about my
bike and riding style.
Bob recommended the TW5.
I took his advise and installed the gear drive TW5, then took the bike to
Deals Gap North Carolina. WOW!! I could not be more pleased!! Bob was
spot on!! This thing pulls like a turbo diesel!! Off idle to shift it is HANG ON! Up
and down hills is no problem even two up. Don't worry about down shifting,
she'll pull just about any grade in any gear!! No pinging, no hard starts, no
back firing through the carb........and the idle is an awsome sound!!
Thank you Bob........I love this thing!! And the bonus is, no chains and tensionors!!
Any of you out there in question as to "what cam", call Bob, you won't be sorry!!

Jack Dye
Lillian Alabama
Very satisfied customer!

I fitted a set of your tw5-6 cams in my 2007 FLHT 103 motor stage two
heads 10.33.1 comp etc. Wow the motor runs cooler and pulls very hard
from 1800 to 6200 rpm limiter. The bike has a lumpy exhaust note with no
more shake at idle and the fuel consumption has improved. All this with a
caned TTS map so I cant wait until I get my bike dyno tuned.
The improvement over the Andrews 54h is amazing.
Thank you Mr Wood
Brian Gorman

Hi Bob,  
 My name is Staff Sergeant Nicholas Posatiere  i just want to thank you for your
support as to not many Americans are, i am on my third deployment 2 Afganistan 1 Iraq
i am with the 101ST Pathfinders i am a team leader where i am proud to say that all
my men are Airborne Rangers, right before i left the states in march i bought my second
Harley Davidson she is 2009 Softail custom, the first being 1992 Dyna lowrider custom
aka willy G (My Baby). The Softail was a one reason buy to build it as for my lowrider
wanted to keep it stock, so i bought 106ci S&S kit, vanes and hines big radius 2into1
exhaust and of course your Woods Performance directional lifter. I thought i would just
shoot you this Email saying thank you  for what you do being a true American that supports
it boys over here and for make badass parts for my Harleys.
I sent a pick of the Softail with already built with your parts. 
Thanks SSG Nicholas Posatiere
Rangers Lead The Way!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for your support ,   When I bought my Road Glide New in 08 it only took
9000 miles to decide it needed to be bigger.  Rob Korn Built  it up from a 96" to a
103 added your W7H Cam ,Woods Directional Lifters a bit head work and weisco
pistons 10:5:1  it is a fun ride , I don't have any valve noise. Thanks, Jeff Gutternan   
Dyno speaks for itself...

 I just wanted to thank you. Your recommendation to Joe's Cycle Repair for the
|mapping was the best investment I made in the entire engine. Base run was 82hp
and torque in the low 90s. The final tune netted 107hp and 120ft lbs torque. This was
with short pipes that don't scavenge. With out the baffles 112hp. The bike runs
awesome once it starts to pull at about 1750 it never stops until it hits the rev limiter.
I'm sending you a copy of the dyno run.
Thanks again for your help
Joe Calabria

Bob you are the man!
Thank you for all your help, we are headed to the TexasMile next
weekend. Trying to bust the ECTA MPS/PG 3000/4 landspeed record of 137.755mph.
With the power we have now got no doubt we can do it! I will keep you updated,
the old man is real happy with his daily driver 2007 FLHX.
Rich Halverson

Hi Bob
This is a photo of my bike and I.
Requested for your testimonials after I sent you a email about how happy
I am with your tw5-6  sorry to take so long.
Best Regards  Brian Gorman 103 tw5-6 cams stg2 heads.

Dear Bob, I'm sending along a picture of my bike that I put your 5-6 Cams into; 
along with quiet back pressure baffles in BUB7 true dual exhaust.
Results of dyno also attached.  Great pull from idle through sixth gear.
Thanks for all your help.
Glen Whitson
Yacolt, WA.


Just wanted to let you know that after we spoke I had Bob Congor in Fremont IA.
Put a set of TW400-6 cams in my heritage 103 build. I then took it to Doc’s Harley in
Kirkwood MO for a dyno tune. The difference is fantastic. Dyno Dave came up with 104hp
and 118ft/lbs tq. These cams are great!
Jerry Beebe
Oskaloosa IA

Bob, Its been couple yrs since you helped spec parts to build 117" torq monster. 
You may remember the bike, wife and I where by your place and you went to
Rods to dyno tune my bike.  Your 9 BG cams, super king 505 carb, your offset
rocker supports, along with the other parts you suggested, axtel cyls, S.T.D.
heads, baker 404P2 O.D.6 with 2.941st +.86 6th, changing frt drive pulley from
32T to 30T, and primary ratio change,  I have shocked most every one I blow by
on the road. Its simply a blast to ride.
It obvious, you know what your talking about... Thanks so much for your suggestions and advise.
Fred Hartzell

hi bob it was great talking with you!!  thanks for all ur help with pointing me in the
right direction in a cam choice for my 06 bigdog k9 with a s&s 117 with 9.6 compression
an johnsonsenginetechnologys head an intake work. the (w6hf) cam is a stump puller !!!
wow this cam compared to the s&s 600 cam is much quicker from the bottom all the way
up the rpms dammmm !! torque,torque,torque bob u da man thanks again for all your help !! 
jim barselou ma

This was a fifth gear pull, the bike has killed people who swear to be making over 100hp and
100lbs torque and gets 48mpg feel free to post the dyno sheet and thanks for helping me out
on my 107 build your the best!!

...Dennis Sweningson


Dear bob,
Here is a dyno sheet from my new 106inch twin cam. We used your TW8 cams
with branch beads and a 51mm throttle body. The motor was built at xtreme
custom iron in rohnert park. It hauls ass!!! Thank you for making such great
products. This is the second set of cams I have used from you with the same
great results!!! Feel free to post my dyno sheet on you web site you you
would like. Pretty good numbers!!
Thank you!!
Craig Peterson

Hey Bobby, just wanted to let you know that I got my heads and pistons back
from Dave Mackie and put the 04 Ultra back together with your TW6GH cam.
You were 100% right on with cam choice. Unbelievable difference in seat of the
pants pull. Will be dynoing it next week but I know it will be more than the
104 hp and 109 tq. I had witht the Dave Mackie cam. Thanks again, I'm
singing your praises!
David Burks


                        10.8 COMPRESSION,SUPER G CARB.
                             BASSANI PRO STREET PIPES
                                                   THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN..Vinny Cutaia
Hey Bobby, 
Just want to say thanks for the awesome cams!  I had your tw-7h in my 103 last year and
they were great but these 555’s in my 106” pull like a freight train – torque everywhere!! 
In your honest opinion will I see a huge difference if I get my heads done with this setup? 
I ride an Ultra, mostly 2-up, never rev beyond 4500-5000. 
Thanks for everything! 

Mr. Wood,

Back around Oct. or Nov. 2010 I contacted you about some advice as to which of your cams
you might recommend to use with the motor build I wanted to do. Which was the H.D. screamin
eagle 103 stage IV kit. I be leave I left you a message and you called me back about 11:30 pm
your time and we talked for about 15 min. on what I had in mind and what kind of riding I like to
do and where I lived with what kind of terrain. You calling me back at the time you did was above
and beyond as far as customer service is concerned and it was a pleasure talking with you.
Besides the kit from harley I was going to use we talked about my other upgrades that I had
already done. Your recommendation was to use the tw-406 and change the front pulley two teeth.
I told you I felt that much cam would be more than I wanted and asked about the tw-400’s and
change the front pulley by one tooth. You told that would work fine and to kick the tires and
light the fire’s. So that is what I did and I have to say that I am more than pleased. The numbers
this build put down on the dyno were more than my expectation’s and my local dealer as well.
In fact they are using my dyno sheet and build spec’s to show to other customers that are looking
to get a good strong build. I have attached a copy on my final dyno run for you to look at or maybe
post on your web site for others to reference.
Thank you for your time and excellent customer service and knowledge.

Joe C.
Reno, Nv.     


I can't really thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy day to show us
around the shop. Your generosity with your time, hats, shirts and knowledge is
beyond words. My son and brother in law were also amazed.
After putting the 555's in my 2007 bike I was blown away by the difference they made.
You have a really quality product and on top of that you are a first class gentleman.
Again, thank you very much.
Dale Hamilton

Here is a picture of me with my bike. Thank you again for you time on the phone.
I am very pleased with these cams. Great product and customer service.
You were very informative and extremely knowledgeable on what I was trying to
accomplish. Right on the money. Great product and Even better customer service.
Thanks again.
Joe C.
Reno, Nv.  

Hello Bob,
The install of your TW-555 performance cam on my 2009 Ultra Glide was a total success.  
In addition to the cams, and as per your recommendation, I replaced the two cam inner
bearings, also replaced were the primary and secondary cam chains.  In addition, I installed
your Knight Prowler directional roller lifters and the Screaming Eagle adjustable push rods. 
The install took me a lot more than 4 hours, but I took my time making sure everything was
put back perfectly.  I also want to mention my acquisition of some awesome tools by
Georges Garage (Inner Cam bearing puller/installer and cam sprockets locking tools). 
These tools made the whole disassembly and assembly extremely easy and perfect.
My thoughts on the performance gains are the following:  Even though I have only ridden
the bike for about 50 or so miles, I have noticed a broad increase in torque across the
entire rpm spectrum.  Of course, I am not a racer and the Ultra is a touring bike so I tend
to shift at approximately 3,000 rpm’s.  Huge difference between my former 3k rpms and
my new 3k rpms.  I did take it to 4k rpms once or twice and noticed a whole different bike
in terms of torque.  I can only imagine what it will do if I take it to redline. 
Simply put, I have a new bike.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bob Woods for his unselfish support,
great customer care and awesome performance products, thanks Bob.
Luis A. Garcia
Leesburg, VA


Hello Bob just thought I would let you know the outcome of a new motor build with
the help of Hillside Motorcycle and Scott and his brother see info below.  
I am very
impressed with your cam lifters.  Much better running motor  and getting
better mileage even with a higher lift cam.     
Thanks for a great product   Bob Grove  Dyno Run

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 8:20 AM

Subject: Rosa's Shovelhead

Hi Bob
shovelhead on a run carries front wheel all of 1st gear about 60FT. That black Dyna details
are 124cuin S&S 4.5/8 crank & cases, Axtell 4.125 cylinders, CP pistons, Screamin eagle
103+ heads,  W68 Knight Prowler cam, D&D borezilla, that was the 1st time to the track.


Hey Mr. Wood,
Willis Kirkbride here from Columbus, Ohio.  I have a hot 124" twin cam and run your 9F-G cams.  I spoke with you
on your cell phone late Friday afternoon about having a collapsed Screaming Eagle lifter.  After our conversation
I ordered a set of your Knight Prowler Directional lifters and received them today, the following Tuesday,
along with my free T-shirt. 
I am writing to say how pleased I am with both  the product and your customer service.  You have always
been a wealth of knowledge and easy to reach.  In fact I really wanted to place an order before the days
end but you had stepped out.  I was given your cell number and encouraged to call you!!  At first I thought it
was a  joke!!  I believe I spoke with your wife in placing the order and they were super plesant as well. 
The lifters...well they were dead on at .8420 and really quieted down the valve train noise.  I am super
pleased I took the time to call as I originally was going to punt and just go with brand "F".  
A little internet research brought me once again to your door and again I couldn't be more pleased.
Keep up the good work and the new products coming!!!
All the best,

I recently purchased an RCC2 conversion kit and a set of TW555-6R cams for my
2006 Road King Classic.  Stock 88" bore with stock heads. I picked it up today, and
cannot express how satisfied i am with the product.  Along with these cams i
installed a Thunderheader 2 into 1 exhaust system. It already had the stage 1 air
cleaner.  The dyno showed the proof in the pudding.  85.2 hp at the rear wheel,
and 89 lb ft of torque!!!!  I could'nt believe it.  Just from bolt in cams, over 25 hp gain
over stock.  Knight Prowlers really do rule the streets.  Thanks a million for a great
product, and for always being able to answer every single question that i asked!
Jess Benham
4808 Trinidad Dr.
Wichita Falls, TX  76310


I have to say thank you for the great air filter. I can actually feel the difference, it's great.
Best Wishes,
Spike Taylor

Just a quick note say thanks for your help and expertise.
I purchased TW-777 cams and installed in my 07 96CI Ultra Classic.
Amazing difference in performance and sound. Like a different motorcycle,
 the torque is what I really notice. It really pulls hard through all the gears!
I love it. Thanks again I would recommend it to anyone!

Brian K. Ebel
Electrical Maintenance & Construction

I recently had Justin Grobe (Clinton Harley-Davidson) install your 408R cams in my Electra Glide.
He's been preaching them ever since I met him.  All I can say is WOW, the power is there right now
 through all 5 gears! Very very impressed! He also installed your conversion kit for my tensioner.
Power was there from start to stop, 120 horse and 123 torque out of a 103". Rode it out from Illinois
back to Denver. Gotta love that lope around 2200 rpm!! I was impressed on how fast you got him your
stuff  on such short notice and how it turned out! Thanks again
Lucas Bender
Denver, Colorado

Hi Bob!
Just to let you know that your products are all working perfect. The directional lifters
has reduced valve train noise dramatic all over the rpm band, especially from 2000 rpm and up.
The cams  pulls very hard  from 2800 rpm and up and after 3300 rpm the torque is very aggressive.
I have not Dyno it, I can feel it.
The static compression in cold condition has risen from 200 psi to 230 psi, but with the
compression release activated the bike starts very easy.
I will recommend these products to everyone.
Kind regards,
Gert Jorgensen

Hey Bob, this is Otis at Big O's in Clanton, Al.
Here is a short video of the 2004 Heritage Softail. It clearly shows the
Super King 505 turning the TW-408G cams and putting to the power to the road.
Thought you might like to see it.


Dear Bob,
I just wanted to share with you the voice of an extremly satisfied and happy customer.
After your and Bojans suggestion for the cam, I was convinced that this is the right choice.
Since it is installed now (Bojan also did other jobs with the engine), I can not get the smile
out of my face when driving.
The engine characteristic and the performance is unbeatble and absolutly perfect.
Thank you once more for a great part and the superb recommendation of
Janbo Moto in Zagreb (some of my friends from Germany are using their work shop now,
even though it is abroad).

Best regards
Maik Schaefer

Hi Bobby
Thanks again for the amazing TW-222 cam. Can’t wait to sell a lot more and
keeping up our business with you. You asked me to give you my shirt size if shirts
run small then Large if not the Medium. Thank you again sir and will be sending
you more dyno sheets as the cams come in and get installed.
Thanks again
Zach White
Chrome Consultant
Doc's Harley-Davidson
930 S. Kirkwood Road
Kirkwood, Missouri 63122

I put the triple duce in last night and my bike runs great! Thanks Bob!
Calvin Lewis

Have been with the bike in Faak (European Bike week) and we drove several
pass roads in the Apls and visited also Italy and Slovenia. Never a single problem.
Honestly, it becomes boring to drive with a group of Harleys.
Since I have your cam inside, the engine runs like a different bike.
Just great power from the bottom.
Best regards from Croatia

Attached is a pic of me and Mike Cats outside his shop in Kenner, LA. Also, attached is the
dyno before and after installation of your TW222 cams, and lifters. It is a 2012 Road King with
the 103 mill. I have the V&H power duals header with Rinehart slip ons and the SE Stage 1
breather.The engine came alive – it’s a dramatic, and I mean dramatic difference. On the one
hand it’s got outstanding power and torque and on the other it cruises at 60 or any other
speed just like a stock out of the crate bike should – best of both worlds.Mike Cats shop
in Kenner, LA is the cleanest most modern shop I’ve seen in a long time, and at 64 years
old I’ve seen a lot. Mike is upstanding, to the point, no b.s. kind of guy, the kind you want to
deal with – especially if you’re a Yankee in Kenner, LA!! Anyone within 200 miles of Mike
should look him up – my guarantee and firsthand knowledge. When I walked into his
shop a month ago we were strangers, we are now friends.
Jim Finan
Dunmore, PA
(and Copperhill, TN)


Hi Bob, as promised here are some pictures of me goofin around at work and
gettin paid to do so!  Lovin the TW8-6.  Not another bike in the dealership
thats even worth a race! Ive been toying with the idea of the 4 deg. advance
wheel to see If I can help out these factory CVO 110 heads...any thoughts? 
Thanks again for such great customer service and I hope God Blesses
You and Yours in 2013!

Dear Mr. Wood:
My name is Philip Kaping and I called to let you know that myself and the excellent
folks at Rattlesnake Mtn. Harley Davidson in Kennewick, WA. have come up with a
map for the 222 cam in the stock 103 motor which just hauls! I wanted to let you know
so that for all the folks out there who do not have access to a dyno, they have a download
that is safe and the motor runs clean all the way through from idle to wide open with great
mileage and drive-ability at cruising rpm. Of course, the motor has slip on mufflers and
H-D heavy breather air cleaner. The race-tuner setting is as follows: Drop in the basic map
for H-D Screamin-Eagle 255 cams, then modify this map to add 15% more fuel and 2 degrees
advance timing all coming in at 2750 rpm and higher at 80% or higher throttle opening.
In addition, set the oxygen sensors to be more sensitive and finally, set the throttle
opening to open quicker.
Thanks for making such a great cam. This cam has amazing power without losing
bottom end, but it does require lots of fuel at wide open throttle to make that power.
The beauty of the HD race tuner is that you can give it that fuel at wide open throttle
and not at cruising so that it runs great in all conditions and will still return high 40’s for
fuel economy at 70 mph. Thanks again and good luck to all!

After installing The KING 405-325 Carb and the

PROWLER Valve Springs and 10:1 forged Pistons, this 80"
Heritage came ALIVE!  Heads by Sam's Performance Specialties
Built by 'Rod's Performance', Hanceville, AL
82+HP, 92 lbs/ft Torque!
Bob Lovell - Oneonta, Alabama

bobwiggins.JPG (31054 bytes)
I have used Bobby Wood's Knight Prowler Cams
and Carbs in many of my bikes with excellent results.
I asked Bobby what he could do for an Injected 95 ci bike.
I used the TW6HG cams. . .
WOW, 104 ft lbs of torque and 99 HP with a stock throttle
body, not to mention 45mpg on a full dresser!

Bobby, You're the Best!
...yours truly,  Bob and Mary Wiggins of Zig's Street Rods



Dear Bob,

Eric Lee

From: Bruce Keeling
To:    Bob Wood
Subject:  Rebel Carb

You recently modified my H-D 44mm CV carb through #1 Cyles
here in Pheonix.  Roger Lockwood replaced my 42mm Mikuni with
it yesterday.  Roger did some dyno runs which inidcated we picked
up about 3 lbs of torque to 110lbs compared to the Minuni.  Horsepower
remained just slightly above 95.  This 95 inch engine has your TW6H
cams along with Baisley street heads and Jim's roller rockers.  I was
able to ride it for the first time last evening.  What a Difference!! 
I love it!  The bike feels quicker and much smoother to me.
Thank you very much for your advice over the phone and your fine work.

Bruce Keeling

From: MPC4545
To: Bob Wood bob@woodcarbs.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 8:39 PM
Subject: My Bike


I just wanted to say thanks once again. I love your products and  I'm very happy
with my bike. So far 109 HP and 108 FTLB of Torque. Low end torque is fantastic,
it shoots right up at about 2100 rpm's. I know  you said it should produce a bit more.
Again, I'm very pleased with your 9BG cam and

your 3.5" air cleaner. Attached is a pic of the bike.

Mark Campiola

From: "David Brode"
To: <bob@woodcarbs.com>
Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 8:13 PM
Subject: 50.2 mpg from your carb on my 118" TC

Hi Bob,
...just a note to let you know that I took my 118" twin cam on a little
highway  trip the other day.   55-75 mph, over several mountains.

Elevation ranged  from  600-2000' I got 50.2 mpg.
I filled up to the ring in the tank both  times, so  I know it is accurate.
I hope to dyno it soon.

Dave Brode
'99 FXDL
11.5-1 118" TC
43.5 Rebel carb
3.15-1 gear


To: bob@woodcarbs.com
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 5:01 PM
Subject: compression 


 My name is Mitch Millar I have talked to you several times and have recently installed
your +4 gear in my 95inch bike THE BEST THING I EVER DID works great .
Just came from sturgis re dyno run it and saw 7+TQ and much wider  feels like different bike.
Ran on John golden Rolling thunder made big dog club 105HP 111TQ.    Your stuff
works!  I reserched lots before bying gear and now know for fact it works I am telling friend
put your stuff in bike . I bought from Jarz Perf In BC.
I also took your advise and re-geared front engine sprocket on my 01 FLHT. It runs great .
Thanx for good advice and good products.

wesWatts2a.jpg (42122 bytes)
Wes Watts
95 c.i.  - Knight Prowler TW-8G Cams
Super King '505' Carb 
119.4 HP - 109.2 lbs/ft torque

Thanks again for your help Bob!
I've used your 630 lift cams in my 107 Dyna and the TW56
in my Classic.  Finally got it dialed in with the KNIGHT PROWLER
TW8G's.  Was going to try the TW9FG's, but this bike runs so good
now I can't see going to bigger cams.  Bike pulls hard at 2,000 and
just gets better up to Rev Limit.  Was still pulling when hit the rev
limit at 6,500!  The KNIGHT PROWLER TW-8G Cams, your Super King '505'
Carb  is the set up for me!
Thanks again,

Wes Watts

From: BuckButler
To: Bob@Woodcarbs.com
Sunday, September 29, 2002 2:44 PM

Subject: TW6G Happy bike 

Hi Bob,
In Feb '02 I purchased your TW6G kit for my TC88 to 95 upgrade.
My compression is 9.25 to 1 with HD flathead 1550 pistons. 
I chose your TW6G because of it's stock bolt in capability.
My Dyno run was outstanding for a low compression, EFI, nonradical upgrade.
HP 94.8 Torque 111.0 
I believe your cam/gear set made it happen for my bike.  It's great!



Hi Bob,
I just had my 1995 HD FXDWG 80 ci EVO dyno-tuned.
It turned a very respectable 91.9 hp and 91.6 #s of torque.
The combination of components that you gave me; the cam,
carb, and exhaust worked perfectly with the rest of my components.
The blueprinted 435 carb needed no further tuning, the rest,
just minor timing and ignition adjusting.
The bottom line is that I’m very happy with the results.
I dubbed my bike the ‘Twincam Muncher’. I ride with a couple
of guys on Deuces with minor modifications and all they see is
my tail light, way out in front.
The torque is phenomenal. I set the rev limiter at 6500 and have
to be watching the tach or I will hit the limit in first gear before
I know it. I peg the speedo and it still wants more. Awesome!  
Thanks for the good service Bob. Next trip to visit my relatives in

, Alabama
, I’ll come and visit you in Cropwell.  

Cliff Pfeifer 
1995 HD FXDWG  80 ci   SE 10.5:1 pistons  SE heads
Crane roller rockers
  Crane push rods  S&S lifters
  Crane HI 4E ignition
Wood Performance Rebel 435 carb

Cycle Shack 1 ¾” “M” Bologna cut exhaust

VOES 6.75”
  Rivera Primo competition clutch spring
Barnett extra-plate clutch
  Easyboy lite clutch
30 tooth trans pulley

P.S. Knight Prowlers Rule!! 
Cliff1.jpg (56157 bytes)


From Andrew McNeil
Bob Wood

Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2003 4:37 PM
Subject: W9B/F cam and Valve Spring info

Hi Bob, 

Just wanted to say thanks a million for the fantastic service, and equally
fantastic product.  In the past 3 months our little 3-person dealership has
installed no less than a dozen W-6H cams and every client has raved
about their new-found performance.  We're easily eclipsing the 1hp/cu in.
(rr. wheel) benchmark with a simple cam/pipe.K&N filter combo which is
easy on the pocket book for those that don't or can't afford to buy new a
new carb, increased compression etc.


Mr. Bob Wood

Hey Bob,
Thanks for the help with HP.  Head work by others (194 intake, Black Diamond

valves, thermal springs), 116 ci Twin Cam, roller rockers, 550 Andrews cam,
45 Mikuni, D&D pipes, Dynatek TC88-2 ignition, 6-speed Jim's with 24 tooth
compensating sprocket and approx 10:1 compression.  As you can see from
my dyno sheets, HP was 102.5 and 129 torque, top speed 110... NOT GOOD!
I knew I had some problems not tunable.  After the KNIGHT PROWLER TW9BG Cams and WOOD

PERFORMANCE High Flow Air Filter, I was able to produce 125.5 HP and 140 lbs
of torque with only 10.25:1 compression (on pump gas).  My shift light is set
at 5000 and top speed is 140 (2002 Road King with bags and crash bars). 
In 60 days we are doing a 8,000 mile ride.  I'll keep you posted.

Thanks Again,
Jerry McGaughy
Dyno Plus, Houston, TX

To: bob@woodcarbs.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 9:30 PM
Subject: Dyno Run for S&S 120" with Wood W9F Cam and Springs

Hi Bob,

I spoke with you last fall about your cams, and springs for my S&S 113" motor.
You recommended your W9F cam and springs, along with Hillside Cycle for my
headwork.  I added Axtel's 4.125" cylinder kit, to my 113" motor to arrive at 120". 
I had Scott Palmer at Hillside rework my heads, and install your W188 springs. 
I had Harley Davidson of Lynchburg, VA install the big bore kit, your W9F cam,
and the Hillside heads.  This motor also has a 48mm DaVinci modified "G" card,
and an RB Racing LSR 2-1 exhaust system, and a Daytona Twin-Tec
programmable ignition module.  Because this motor is in a 1997 Road King,
and I am a big guy, I took your advice, and had HD of Lynchburg change my
primary gearing, to achieve a 3.31 final drive.

I have attached the dyno results based upon your recommendations. 
As you can see, I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  This bike now
shreds the rear tire in both 1st and 2nd gear roll-ons.  3rd and 4th gears are
monsters, and 5th accelerates like 3rd used to.  Hopefully these results will
compliment your Evo section of your web site dyno runs.  Scott Palmer told
me that you were working on a manifold for S&S big motors that would
accommodate your new King 505 carb.  I have to believe that the 505 would
really make this motor come alive throughout the entire torque range. 
When will this combo be available for my setup?

Thanks for all of your help,
Terence Holt
13130 Curved Iron Rd.
Oak Hill, VA  20171


From: Martin Yates

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 6:56 PM
Subject: Carb switch.


 Quick note to thank you for your help and your products. 
I have a 1984 Softail with the Baisley Pro Street Package
with your W6H cam, Roller rockers etc.  After riding the bike
about 5,000 miles I decided to have the bike Dyno'd.  I took
it to Roger Lockwoods shop in Surprise.  He ran it on the dyno,
79+HP, mid 80's torque and to be honest I was disappointed
with the numbers since talking to Baisley I had been told of mid
90's hp and 100+ Torque.  I was running an SU carb, Roger
suggested we switch to your 41.5 carb.   Numbers went to
89HP and 92+ torque with just the carb switch.  Now that in
itself is quite impressive but what got me the most is the Bike
is like a totally different machine.  It is smoother and so much
more responsive.  Quieter and the riding position is much better. 
I rode back from Rogers, it was over 100 degrees out on a busy
Friday afternoon and it was still the best 50 miles I had ridden. 
Love it.  I tip my hat to your products and to Rogers expertise
and help in getting it done.

Hi Bob,

I have installed your 43.5 Rebel Carb and I ran it with my SE211 Cams.
It ran great and pulled like crazy.  I then installed the TW8S and I have not
had a chance to Dyno yet, but this thing GOES!  I will send you the Dyno's
when I get them, but I am very happy with this engine without seeing any
dyno numbers.  The seat of the pants dyno tells me I am in the 110+ range.
We will see in a couple of weeks when I can get the Dyno.
I have been SMOKING the Crane 290-2 camed RK with same heads as mine,
a twS5 softail with same heads, a Night Train with same heads and SE257...
Looks like there will be some more Knight Prowler cams goin in around here!!
Thanks again for the Good Stuff!

Mitch Millar


Quick note to thank you for your help and your products.  I have a
1984 Softail with the Baisley Pro Street Package with your W6H cam,
Roller rockers etc.  After riding the bike about 5,000 miles I decided to
have the bike Dyno'd.  I took it to Roger Lockwoods shop in Surprise. 
He ran it on the dyno , 79+HP, mid 80's torque and to be honest I was
disappointed with the numbers since talking to Baisley I had been told
of mid 90's hp and 100+ Torque.  I was running an SU carb, Roger
suggested we switch to your 41.5 carb.
Numbers went to 89HP and 92+ torque with just the carb switch. 
Now that in itself is quite impressive but what got me the most is the
Bike is like a totally different machine.  It is smoother and so much
more responsive.  Quieter and the riding position is much better. 
I rode back from Rogers, it was over 100 degrees out on a busy
Friday afternoon and it was still the best 50 miles I had ridden. 
Love it.  I tip my hat to your products and to Rogers expertise and
help in getting it done.
. . .Martin Yates

I recently installed a Wood Performance Rebel 435 Carb. on my '00 FXDWG. 

I have tried all the rest of the carbs out there......but now I have finally
found the "best" Carb available for a Harley Davidson engine!....You did
an excellent job on my carb, and I thank you very much for the assistance
and service after the sale! This bike is an absolute bullet now!...It has 95 CI,
10.5:1 CR, Hardy Heads, TP rocker boxes and roller rockers, Jim's titanium
pushrods, Headquarters cams, Dyna ignition, and Rinehart Exhaust.....
I haven't put it on the dyno yet, but I know that I will be pleased when
I do!...No flat spots, no spitting, just flat out pull, and acceleration
from the REBEL 435!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                     Thanks for a great product!   Jeff Thomas

Hi Bob
It was nice to meet you in person in Sturgis. You do not often see the( other guy's) hanging
around the dyno to see how there carb's/cams work????????????????
 Here are a few pic's pic of my bike. I thought you may like to see it in the striped form as it looks
more like the 112hp 118 tq screamer that it is when in this form rather than the full bagger state
that you saw it in while on the dyno in Sturgis.
I just got home from a 12000km trip with this thing and it ran great in all conditions and never
missed a beat. I ran 70 to 90+mph all the time in everything from sea level to 10000+ ft in  Yellowstone.
In the Dakota's it was 100deg + and your rebel carb did it all and it ran almost the same milage as any
thing else on the trip. My wife's 88inch FXDL with tw6 cams and K1 needle also never missed a beat 
and can run with most  95 inch bikes .
In my travels I ran up against a head quarters 95inch and a Branch 95inch both high compression
motors and they did not come close!!!!!!!!!  The guy with the branch set up has contacted you and is
getting his wood's cams installed asap. 
Good stuff and Good Guy!!!!!!!!! 
Thank You again
Mitch Millar


Hi Bob
I am sending you a picture of my bagger in action , This  winter I changed out my tw 8 cams
and 43.5 rebel carb for  a set of tw400 cams and Sk 505 carb. I went from 112/118 to 120+/122+tq , 
I loved the old set up but wanted to try get more out of this 95 and am more than pleased with
the results . This thing is a blast and runs like a raped ape !!!!!!!!!!!!!  I rode 1000mi one way to
do a dyno run in Calgary Alberta and turned around and rode back 1000mi @ 80/100mph all
the way . The fuel mileage is very good for this kind of power and the engine is quite .
This is a bike I put big miles on and is NOT a bar hopper .  Once again your cams, springs, carb
are performing flawlessly and are a big part of the reason I can make all this reliable power . 
I would like to thank you for the good stuff once again . Your stuff just flat out works !!!!!!!!!!!  
Mitch Millar

Reuben1.jpg (114181 bytes)

From: Reuben Edejer
After I spoke to you on the phone, I decided to install the TW-6 cam w/ gear
drives on my 2000 Fat Boy, TC88B.  What a difference this made in
responsiveness and torque!  My dyno numbers before the cam was 76.01hp / 83.31torque. 
After the cam install, my dyno numbers went to 85.81hp / 95.97torque.  My bike has
stock heads, S.E. Air Filter, S.E. adjustable Ignition Module, K&N thunderslide, V&H
Straighshot pipes with baffles, TW-6 cam w/ gear drives.  My bike is really fun to ride
and my numbers on the dyno are pretty good, for not doing any head work or replacing
the carb!  Thanks for your advice.  I'm very satisfied with this modification.

El Gordo
Walnut Creek, CA

I have a '92 FXR with a 80 cu in Evo. Last year, with about 28,000 miles on it,
I took it in to have the lifters changed. I wanted to have the cam changed, too.
The mech. suggested a Woods #6 cam. I haven't heard much about Wood's cams,

but went along with it. It turned out to be a very good idea.
I have the following mods to the motor:
1. Cam W-6
2. Re-jetted CV carb.
3. Screamin' Eagle slip-on muff.'s
4. S-E Ignition mod.
5. S-E Air cleaner Kit w/K&N filter
Last month I put the bike on a Dyno. Just at 75 hp and 80 ft lb. It has a good,

flat torque curve and the hp comes on smooth and climbs to about 6,000 rpm.
I am very happy with your product and look forward to many miles of gettin' it on!

Cliff Cummins,
Redmond, OR

I put one of your 435 Rebel carbs on a 100 in. S&S and man it was
set just right, not even an ideal adjustment was made. It was right on
the money.  This is the second carb I have gotten from you.  I was so
impressed the first time on my old ride, that when I built this one I had
to have your carb on it, and hears why: It makes it not only run great
but still gets over 55 MPG, and the guys with there 113 in. are eating
their hearts out because they cant catch our bike and run out of gas
way before we need to fill up.  Thats the best of both worlds.
Haven't dynoed it yet.  Dont need to.  She runs with the best of them
and my butt tells me she's faster then most, but speed may not be
everything if your on the side of the road out of gas.  And you were
right on the money with your gas millage statment, and it looks great
On my custom built softail ground pounder.

From the desktop

George Heflin

Dear Bob,
I am very pleased with the performance of my bike with your product.  

The W-6 Cam, with a low restriction exhaust and high flow intake gives
good acceleration and quick throttle response.  In a light bike, like the FXR,
the power comes on strong and pulls up to 6000 rpm before you know it.  
The bike has that good 'ol thumpy idle, kind of like a big block chevy.  
In traffic the bike handles like stock, but grab the throttle and hang on!
I feel that your products are the best on the market.  I have plans to change

exhaust and add a bigger carb.  I can't say enough about your cam and
will update you after my next dyno run.

Thank you,
Clifford Cummins
Oregon Veteran Motorcycle Association

February 3, 2004

Bobby, You da man!

You may not remember me.  I called you from the middle of Idaho on my way
from Frisco to Sturgis lasts year.  My Special Construction softail with a
100" Zippers engine gassed by a Super G was stumbling in the altitude.  And
I wasn't about to open the carb on the side of the road in the dust and
grime to swap jets.  Particularly not every time the altitude changed a few
thousand feet.
So, after a few words of telephonic southern comfort, we agreed that you'd
send me a new Rebel to Sturgis and all I had to do was get there.  You
promised it'd be set-up, ready to bolt-on, and good to go - heavy on the go.
Sure enough.  The boys from Fed Ex arrived as promised with a big ole box
that contained the loveliest carburetor man has ever fashioned.  And two
days later you arrived in town, completely unscheduled, just to see if all
was as it should be.  You can't beat that for customer service.
And does this puppy run?  103.6 hp at 3800' at 93o.  Yup, this puppy runs!
On the way home from Sturgis I ran altitudes from 11,158' through the
Eisenhower Tunnel (the highest vehicular tunnel on the planet) just outside
Denver all the way down to sea level at my home base.  Temps ranged up to
108o.  The Rebel never seemed to know it wasn't supposed to run throughout
that entire range without stumbling or sputtering.  Smooth power at every
gear, every day, no matter where I was.
Now I'm a rolling advertisement for you, Bobby.  Can't thank you enough.
I'll be back on the East Coast this August.  I'm riding out to visit
relatives in Indiana, celebrate my wedding anniversary in Savannah, attend
the America's 911 Rally in PA-DC-NY, down to the Keys 'round about Labor
Day, and then ride the southern border into the setting sun 'till I get to
San Diego, turn right and home to Frisco.  I'll check as I come rolling
through Panama City.   If you're lights are on, I'll run up north to say
hello and thank you.  You're easily worth adding a couple days to my trip

Stay well, Bobby.  And ride safely.


From: "Steve Wishart" <swishart@hotmail.com>
To: <bob@woodcarbs.com>
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 10:26 AM
Subject: Horsepower express

Mr. Wood,

A few months ago I faxed you my dyno sheets from a shop in Fremont
CA. The dyno sheets did not match other dyno readings I had and you said
they didn't look quit right and recommended that I go to Horsepower Express.
You also asked me to let you know how things went.  I took your advice and
went to see Bruce at HP Express.  Wow !!! what a difference.  I will never
go to an HD dealership again.  He did a great job explaining to me what I
needed to do to get the most out of my 1200 with the money I had and the
parts I had already put into the bike.  I threw away the SE heads and got
Buell 101 HP Thunderstorm Heads with matching Buell pistons.  I told him you
used a Hooker 2 into 1 on your dyno example and that you had to drill it
out...alot.  He also did some drilling and also got the compression up to
10.3 to one.  He did some combustion chamber work, port work, matched up the
intake manifold and the intake ports etc.  Not only that but he was even
polite and took the time to explain everything to me.  I am now breaking it
in and will take it back to have the final dyno tune and the final exhaust
tune up at the same time.  Oh Yea...he found out that the VOS switch had
been broken, no wonder the HP rating was low.  The hose nipple was broken
completly off and the mount was all bent up. Of course he replaced it.  He
also told me that one of the rockers had been slightly damaged but I didn't
need to replace it.  I was able to convince a friend of mine to take his new
Softail Heritage to him instead of an HD dealer.  I am sure he will be much,
much better off.  Thanks for the recommendation.  At last I have someone I
can trust with my bike and can have total confidence recommending to


Steve Wishart

  Glad I searched the Internet and found your site and your cams.
My 1985 HD Low Rider, 80 ci was dyno tested at 86 hp and 87 #s of torque.
I was looking for a cam like the W6H with low duration and high lift. I wanted
more torque and a power band from idle to 5500 like yours. I am not disappointed.
It is a great all around cam for the street and suits my means how I ride.
I had a SE 57 and it kicked in at 3,000 rpm, yea great, I was doing 70 mph at
that point, and did nothing for me on the street. Great horse power on top, but
not where I wanted it, on the street. I can tell the difference down low and it pulls
like a bitch.  Notice no clatter on the lifters when giving gas know to, more power
down low.  A hint for others, if you want to match up your cam to a set of pipes,
try Cycle Shack, duels, with baffles. You gain more torque. I found even old bikers
can learn, and found with drag pipes with no baffles, " I LOST MID RANGE HP AND
TORQUE WITH DRAG PIPES."  Also, 2 into 1 headers are more for top end.  BOB, thanks
much and enjoyed chatting with you, over the phone, and would recommend this
cam to others if asked.

Tom Florkowski    Buffalo N.Y.

Knight Prowler W6H cam, SE Mikuni 42mm Carb, SE heads, SE Roller Rockers,
SE Push Rods, SE Tappets, SE Manifold, SE 10.5.1 pistons, SE Spark Plugs, SE Coil,
SE Spark Plug Wires, SE Ignition Module, SE performance Clutch,
Cycle Shack 1 3/4 in pipes with baffles, they flow better then SE slip

Hi Bob... I just wanted to drop you an E-mail & thank you for your great products & help.
My 1995 80" HD FLHT posted 81.6 hp & 92.9 ft lbs of torque with your W6H camshaft,
carb & air cleaner, valve springs, out of the box Screamin' Eagle evo heads, Screamin'
Eagle ignition module & Samson slip on mufflers. That's it, no tricks or rocket science,
just power! Your combination works great!  Well i just could not not leave well enough
alone & am bumping the compression to 10 1/2 to 1, cleaning up the heads & intake
manifold, trying Bassani true dual head pipes & droping down to a 30 tooth trans pulley.
100+ ft lbs here i come. I will keep you posted & thanks again....
Chris Getchell GTC Custom Cycles

From: Gordon Ralston
To: Bob Wood

Bob, I had KT in Baytown build a 98 for my 03 Fatboy. After speaking with you
I went with the TW6HG. KT set up the heads and like you said “It’s a Rocket!”
The gear drive is smooth, quiet and powerful. I couldn’t be happier Thanks! KT
did an excellent job of setting this thing up and it is a thrill to ride. 
Texas back roads will never be the same!


   Wow....I'm very impressed, your products work beautifully. And deliver
everything you promised and then some. My name is Romano Marinaro,
and I live in Frederick,Maryland.
After calling and talking with you about a month ago, and discussing
my 2004 FLHTCSE with a stock 103" motor. I expressed my need for
more speed & power, and the items that I already had in mind to use
for my engine build, upon hearing my choices you made some great
recommendations as far as cams, gear drive set-up, and your Hi-Flow
Air Cleaners. Along with turning me on to Horsepower,Inc. for my larger
Throttle Body that I would be needing.
   The build went as planned and the attached Dyno Sheet says it all.
This bike is a definite stump puller and head turner, runs
and sounds great!
   We started with a set of HD HTCC heads with your valve springs
installed, along with the new HD Screamin-Eagle Forged Hi-Compression
pistons designed for strokers to work with the HTCC heads. We also
added SE Roller Rocker arms with the Forged Rocker support plates.
The HD Hi-Tensile strength cylinder studs were also installed along
with your 400G cams, gear drive set-up, your hi-flow air filter mated
to a Horsepower,Inc. 51mm Throttle body, and a set of Rinehart True
Dual Exhaust system. All this was tuned with an HD Race Tuner kit, but
took many hours to dial in. It seems the only way to write a map for
this set-up, was to fake the Race Tuner to believe it's a 120c.i. motor
instead of the actual 103c.i. motor that it really is. However it all
worked well, and the Dyno results totally impressed both myself and
the crew at Frederick Harley-Davidson in Frederick,Md. I hope you can
 post my results on your website, and thanks again for all your help.
                                                    Romano Marinaro

Hey Bob,  Jim With Bad Boys Toys Here , Just Wanted To Tell You That
Your Cams Rock. I Just Built A 96" Evo For A Customer, It Has A W62 Cam
And W188 Springs. The Heads Are Edelbrock Performer That I Ported. It
Has 11.5:1 Comp With A Super D Carb. The Exhaust Is Step Tube From 1 3/4"
o 2" to 2 1/4" That I Built. We Got It Up On The Dyno And Got IT Tuned
Up, It Put Out 126.39 HP And 113 Torque. I Just Got The Bike Back
Together After Sending The Pistons, Heads And Exhaust Out To Be Coated, I'm
Hoping To Get The Bike Into The 130's On Power.

Here is a copy of the dyno sheet and a picture of my bike.  I have a copy of another
run that had 143 tq, but HP was down a little at 139.22.  Overall I am very happy with
these numbers considering I am running a 3.95 final drive ratio and the weather conditions
in the dyno room were less than optimal.  Once again,  thank you very much for all of
the help with this project.  I am more than convinced that I would never had reached my
goal of 140hp/140Tq if I had not had your expert advice and top of the line cams, springs,
and carb. 
Once again,  your Night Prowler Cams and SK505 have "Smoked the Competition"!! 

Thanks Again!! 
Dave Coté



First, I'd like to thank you for all the times I called and you willingly
gave free advice.
Second, I'm writing this to let everyone know what a "bad rap" American
Rider magazine gave you in the October 2004 issue reference the "118 HP
103-INCH EFI BAGGER article.
I have included two DYNO runs. One was with your TW6HG cams on
my 04 EFI  Road Glide (different heads and exhaust than the article)
and one with your TW400G cams featured in the article
(almost the same setup as the article).
I felt that my 103 was not performing up to the engine's potential and
decided more go fast parts were it order. I just happened to read the
American Rider article and since my 04 Road Glide was very close to the
configuration of the 03 Road Glide in the article, I decided that your
TW400G cams were the way I wanted to go regardless of what the
article said.
Anyone that can read, could see your cams and that setup would
smoke the other cams the article seemed to favor.
My Road Glide is set up exactly as the article described except I used
Screaming Eagle's(SE) software instead of a Power Commander and
I did not send the heads to Bob Mackie for any headwork. In fact,
the exact same heads were used and they were "out-of-the-box".
There was no headwork performed on the Harley Pro Twin Cam 103+
heads. I would imagine I saved myself at least $1000 for unneeded
headwork! The proof is in the DYNO run as they say. In my opinion,
the SE software allows a more precise tune than the Power Commander.
I would say the DYNO sheet shows the smooth lines versus the Power
Commander "dips and peaks".  I would also like to say that my mechanic
must know what he is doing.  There is no noise in the valve train of my
bike. There is some "gear noise", but that is to be expected with gear
driven cams. May be the writer for American Rider was not use to
riding performance bikes!
I hope you post this email in your Testimonials section so all can see
that American Rider Magazine has a lot to learn. My bike kicks ass
and I could > not be happier with 115 in torque and 113 HP.
Keep up the great work Bob!
If anyone wants to contact me for verification, feel free to give
out my email address.
Larry (Hollywood) in Dayton Ohio.

Subject: You are the best!
In today's business world, people are quick to complain and and rarely take
time to compliment for excellent quality and service. So I am taking a minute
out of my busy day to say "thank you" for your "over-the-top" customer relations,
and your work speaks for itself.
I had been referred to you by the folks here at Phoenix Choppers. I phoned you
about my disappointment in the carb that came equipped on a 120" Jim's Race Kit
motor currently in my '04 FLHT. The performance was already strong (125hp), however
I felt the carb lacked specific tuning. Upon receiving my carb, you phoned me at least
a couple of times, worked your "magic" on it, and turned it around in a matter of hours!
You told me I would be pleased. I was not pleased, I was thrilled! This carb rocks!
The motor is now smooth throughout the rpm range, idles smoothly all the way down
to 550 rpm, and most certainly would pull the front wheel in at least a few gears! In
addition, the upgrade to utilize my cruise control was very professionally done.
Thank you again for the outstanding service, I couldn't be happier.

Dan T. McKinnon
McKinnon Appraisal Associates, LLC
4045 E. Union Hills Dr., Suite 107
Phoenix, AZ 85050


Hello Bobby, sending you pictures of my ' 06 FLSTC Heritage Classic with your
modified K415 carb with the 325A air package. It is combined with the RB LSR 2-1
exhaust system. All I can say is with the two systems together there's plenty of
torque and horses and also I'm having an increase is gas mileage, from
41.2 to 47.6 mpg compared to the Mikuni. I'm really glad I made the decision to
do your carb modification and when I ride there's a smile on my face because I just
can't believe the power I have to what I had!! It was nice talking to you and thanks
for all your advice. Aloha from Hawaii..
Richard Santiago

From William Connor:

My 2005 Electra Glide has a 113" Screaming Eagle set up. 
The first dyno run with the SE 51mm carb was at 114/114. 
IT was good, but prior experience with Wood carbs said send it off. 
Got the Super King back, stuck it on, and could immediately tell the
difference in the way it ran, along with a 3 mpg raise.  Got back on the dyno,
and after a couple jet changes, ended up with 122 horse and 120 lbs or torque. 
We had it up to 126, but the 122 run had the best air fuel ratio and curve. 
If I can just get the SERT figured out (or get over to St. Louis to see Dave),
I know I can save a little fuel, and find a few more horses.  Still happy as can be,
right now my 113 is out performing the handful of 120s that were locally installed.

Iam just writing to you to THANK YOU !!! for helping me in putting some  SCREAM
into my 2007 Screaming Eagle CVO Ultra.As we no  the 110 in motor as Harley has it
set up uses a SE- 255 cam in it ( what a pieace of JUNK that cam is ).So,I  made a few
changes in my bike like using your TW-7H cams that is  NEW for the 2006 -2007.
I also used a SE 50mm Throttle Body and D&D Fat Cat 2 into 1 system with ghost pipe.
WOW WOW WOW what a difference your cam made. I went from a very Narrow power band
to a WIDE band of Torque with a killer Curve to it . Giving me the unleashed power of a 110 in
motor that Harley did not give me. Thank You for helping me in putting the BIG cubic inch 
performance into my bike when Harley Did Not.Enclose is a Dyno sheet showing before
and after results.                                                                                                                                                
Thank You
Kevin Rich   

I have had my H.D.dealer install your new TW-7H cams along with the twin cam performance heads
from Harley. I am using S.E. air intake and S.E. street legal mufflers with Harley's race tuner.
I am pleased to report that I now own a torque monster !  Even with the restrictive mufflers, my
bike dynoed almost 102 ft. lbs. torque and 90 h.p. at our altitude here in Reno,Nv. of 4500 ft. above sea level.
My 2007 FXSTC now performs well above my expectations !
     Thank you Bob Wood and company !!!
                                               Dennis Adamson

Hi Bob,
            First, THANKS for Great Cams!
I put your TW6H chain drive cams in and WOW!
I have a Big Boys Cycles “Street Port” in stock heads, milled .030 with Manley
Streetmaster valves, KB 9.25/1 95” pistons, and .030 Cometic headgaskets.

I’m running your K3 needle in a 44mm CV carb.
In 2000 – 3000RPM roll-on’s I left my friends 100+HP/100+ TQ S&S setup in the dust.
I haven’t had mine on a Dyno yet.

I also have an S&S 89” Evo.
Just bought #1615 (1.850 int.) Edelbrock 72cc heads for it.
I would like a .580 lift EVO version of the TW6H cam with 4 degree advanced timing?
Possible?  How much?

            John Kallioinen

Damn Bob,
You are the MAN, Your cams and gearing strategy which we have implementd
combined with Dan's heads make for an amazing combo.
By the way I cancelled the Thunderheader and took your advise on the
Supertrapp and I am glad that I did.
While I am still breaking it in just crack it in first gear and your lookin
at sky. Wow, Smooth as silk but should be brutal. Nothin in Hong Kong like
this. I expect that my motor builder Gary Lee of Kustom Culture will be
looking for some cams for his customers real soon.
Thanks & Best Regards
...Brian Richman

From: William Conner
First, the big carb you worked up for my 2005 FLHT (113 in.) is running like a champ. 
After a jet change, and a little work on the dyno, the horse is up over 120, and the fuel mileage
has come up to 35, even if I ride it hard.  So, well done. 
Next, have you ever worked on any Buell carbs.  I have the small one, the Blast, and it's a dog.  I
 know at 492 cc, I can't expect the world, but there has to be a little more out there.  Ever done a work up on one?


Dear Bob,
Brian from Hong Kong here. Thanks for everything and all the time that
you spent with me on the phone during the build of my 97 inch Dyna,
Your 400 series designer cam, your ideas on primary gearing which I used
along with a set of Baisley heads, pistons and roller rockers made an incredible
difference in HP and torque. It just unbelievable. But not surprising this is my
3rd Wood/Bailsely modification over the past 5 years and each time I make
distance from the pack. (and the sirens)
What was so important about this build is that it was done with the help and
dedication of a great local shop in Hong Kong, Kustom Culture who in the past
did all their builds from the catalogs of the "usual suspects", Nothing wrong with
that for sure. especially when your 8,000 miles from the source. Now they see
to some extent it's who you know that can make you fast and they can share in
having the fastest V Twin in Asia to their credit. We'll be in touch soon with the
dyno run sheets..Stay ahead Bob.
Best regards
Brian Richman

Hello mr Wood!  My name is Peder Eriksson and i live in stockholm  Sweden.
By phonecall i got in contakt with you, and i told you about my engine which is
an 106 stroker engine. 
I wanted to swap that camshaft that i already had install, so i wanted your advice
of a camshaft that whould turn my engine to torque monster, and you adviced me
the TW-6HG camshaft, you also told me that i "gona love it" 
I reale like it, This is the best cam that i ever have had before ,i am astonish,
now it runs cool whithout any pinging, and it run so strong.  
I will let you know about the dyno later because i have yet not don it, but i will in future. 
I am concidering also to change the secondary ratio from stock to 2.33, by swap
the front pulley.  
So thanks a lot mr Bob, you are the best, and in future i whould allways consult you. 
Best regard from your friend in Sweden and take care.

Hi, just wanted to say you do have the best performance cams I have used. I put
together an 80" evo a few years back and to start i used a red shift cam it is in the
box in the garage now and has been for some time. After a lot of time and money
putting this together, the first time I rode the bike it was like nothing changed until I
ran it at about 6000 grand. I put in your w8 and it came to life, I currently have been
ruuning this bike at th AHDRA races in the et and sep classes it will run 12sec. with a
street tire and stock controls ( shift etc.)this is in a 95 fxsts.but now something more,
got the bug to go faster and am starting to build a supergas bike and need to run in the
mid to low 9.00 sec range and want to do it with one of your cams, am looking at a 106"
evo with around 13:1 - 14:1 , the w72 and w10f are what I have been considering, but
would like any advice you could give me to what would work best. Just wanted to say
thanks for any time and advice.
P.S. Have also installed 3-4 of your w6 cams in friends bikes and they all agree on
what a differnce it made over the cam they had (ev27).
Thanks Again 
Kevin Krick  

Hi Bob

 This is my 2003 FLHR, I went all out for a 113 cu in.
 motor with Latus Motors and Mike Stegmann as the
 builder of the motor and trans. I installed your BW9FBG
 cam and Super King 505 with cruise control you added.
 Mike was able to get some really good numbers on the
 Dyno, max power 135.13 and max torque 136.18.

 Click Here to see the dyno run

 I have used your products before on a previous bike
 and great results, as I stated on this project I went
 all out for a 113 cu in. I am able to go from a dead
 stop and within 900 feet I am up to 90+ MPH in third
 gear (no typo on third gear) and three more gears to
 go. I am very impressed with the proformance of the



From adamson@pyramid.net
To Bob Wood
anks to your TW9B cam ,I now have all the power I can possibly use---I was told when I started the build that 125/125 was not a realistic goal---Thanks to your help,advice and camshaft, I have a springer that is capable of a wheelie-what an advertisement for a Harley Davidson !!!
Click here for the Dyno Run

I just rebuilt the engine on my Evo powered FX Springer.  Based on a couple phone conversations we had, I put in a W6 cam.  Damn, does this mother run now!  I installed Wiseco 10.5:1 pistons, Screamin' Eagle Evo heads, and the W6 cam.  I'll know more when I dyno it, but it feels like it picked up at least 15 hp, and about 20 more Ibs of torque.   
My 103" '07 Ultra also has TW6-6 cams, and it makes huge power. 
Whenever people say your cams cost more than others, I always tell them,
"Yeah, and they're worth every dime!"
Thank you again, Mr. Wood, for a superior cam!
Harley Kleemann
Bismarck, ND

The build is a 02 Fatboy 103ci SE stroker kit, SE HTCC heads,
SE roller rockers, SE perfect fit push rods, 10.5:1 SE pistons, gear cam
drive and your amazing TW408G.

Thanks again for your great products and amazing knowledge you are willing to share.



My 95''TW-Cam has definitely been woke up.From the bottom-end to the
topend &everywhere in between.It is truly a amazing High Performance
addition to my machine that Straight Up works! Add4-5 MPG Better than
I used to get.  So if your like all of us out there and want your monies
worth for performance don't go anywhere else! BOB knows what works

Thank You again

Rocket Rich Kenney   RebelCarb#1971

Hey Bob
I have been running your King Carb and one of your cams in my 96 dresser
for about five years now. I can’t even begin to count the number of comments
I have received on how well my bike runs. It runs like a raped ape, if you will.
I put this setup in when I lived in NE Pa and have since (three and a half years
now)moved out to Prescott Az and with no changes I can still say I am very
happy with the performance level.
Home on the Range
Kerry Urban

08 FXDB Street Bob
"I've used several different cam manufacturers over the years.
But I've never been as pleased with any of them as well as I am
the TW-6-6 cams from Bob Wood!!
I was looking for the best bang for the buck and torque!!
I got BOTH!!! I recommend Wood Knight Prowler Cams to ANYONE
and I will use them exclusively from now on!!"

D Clark
Oak Grove, La.

I just had my 2003 Road King engine upgraded to 95 cubic inches,
had the heads ported at Baisley's Machine shop here in Portland,
put your TW-6 gear drive cams in, and had my carb sent back to you
for tuning.  I just had dyno runs done and it came back with 81.5 HP
and 103 Ft./Lb of torque!  We did not push the compression as I want
a reliable bike, but I wanted the torque for passing.  I could not be happier
with the bike and wanted to thank you for the work you did and let you
know how much improved my ride is. 

Richard E. Byrd, CIC
Sr. Account Executive
Liberty Northwest Insurance
650 NE Holladay St.
PO Box 4555
Portland, OR  97208-4555

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 4:02 PM
Subject: TW408-44 CAMS

                         THANKS BOB
                         PAT IDEAL RIDE INC

Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 9:04 PM
Subject: cant stop smiling



Hi Bob,
When I talked to you on the phone I promised I would send a graph on the result
with my Cross Bones.
This bike has the following:
-Zippers Air Filter Upgrade
-TW-408-44 Cams
-+4 Cam Gear
-SuperTrap exhaust (with 8 extra disks)
-S.E. Pro Super Tuner
-Full Dyno Map
Everything else is stock (except for the Panhead style Rocker covers
The bike runs FANTASTIC, Keep up the great work!

Jim Jr.
Jim Gover Jr.
Gover Harley-Davidson / Buell

Click here for the Dyno Run

Bob, I am very pleased with the cam Choice, TW408-6 on my 2007 FXSTC 103 cubic inch.
We installed 10.5-1 pistons, Screaming Eagle 110+ heads, roller rockers, it is bored .010
over to  104.7 cubic inch, with 4.35 gm/sec injectors, 50 mm Screaming Eagle throttle body,
and a Tamaguchi diaphragm clutch. On the first Dyno run we had a stage 1 SE aircleaner,
stock pipes with screamin eagle street performance baffles with thunder monster baffles
installed. We pulled about 94 HP. The S and S dual aircleaner added 4HP. to 98 HP.
The last part od the install was the exhaust. We used D&D fatcat 2 into 1 with the
100CI+ baffles and gained 10 HP to 108, with Dyno tuning picking up the last 2HP to
110 HP and about 115 ft/lbs of torque. The Torque curve is awesome, coming on at
2600RPM with 100ft/lbs, peaking with 115 ft/lbs at 3750 RPM and holding 100ft/lbs to
about 6250RPM. The tuning was all done by Scott at Cascade Harley in Bend, Oregon
at about 3500 ft elevation. The bike rides awesome. The acceleration through each gear
comes on as hard as the last gear through all 6 speeds. We did change the front
sprocket to a 30t down from a 32T.
Thanks for the awesome camshaft and recommendations. 

I would just like to thank you for a great product. I was looking
 to get a little more out of my 07 Ultra for touring under a full load.
 I put a Supertrapp 2 into 1 exhaust on and was going to get it
 tuned. After talking to Scott Palmer at Hillside cycle in
 Munnsville NY. they told me about your TW6-6 cams . and I decided
 that was for me. They installed the 6-6 cam with a 4 deg. timing
 gear, Off to Joes Cycle Repair in Mechanicville NY. for my dyno
 tune, What a combination this is, well above what I expected.
 All said and done 100+ Horsepower........ 114+ torque and still
 96" and no head work. Talk about bang for your buck. My only
 wish is I would of had this done 28,000 miles ago !!!

 Great work
 Thank You All
 Mike Dineen

We got cams today. Very fast delivery!
This was really a GREAT HONOUR to get your SUPERIOR CAM!
I am sorry my english is not good enought to descripe how much I
appreciate your work!
I have cases with 3 13/16" bore waiting fot next project, and when
I start that, there is no doubt who's parts I am gonna use...
I wish you long live Mr. Wood! You are really a genius and our hero!
THANK YOU one more time!
Markus Pulkkanen

I recently purchased your KNIGHT PROWLER W-8 cam and valve springs
for my 92 soft tail custom. While i was working on it i decided to put
some J.E. 10.5:1 compression pistons in it and did some head work.
This is all that i have done to the engine. Your cam made this thing
a completely different animal. It hits harder, revs quicker, and seems
to have an endless supply of throttle. I love it! This thing is begging
for a six speed now. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the parts,
hospitality, and advice.                             
                               Chad Felsheim
                               Mount Orab, Ohio

Gosh Bob, I've been riding horses, Harley's and men for over 35 years.
The raw power between my legs is killer. She sounds like so bad,is so
bad.Dang, I get all kinds of attention and questions and I come alive talking
bout your cams.Dude you rock!!!!  Thank you for being so down right
delicious and bold. My street glide is bad and being a ladyrider the guys
respect what I've got and invite me to ride .They figure this gal's gotta know
something looking at what all I put in her.  I ride it like i stole it.So i'm off on
''Happy Trails'',
Thanks,Tammy Newell,Outa northern california


Hi Bob.
 I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for a great cam and air
 cleaner. I have a 117 ci twin cam motor with your TW9B cams and Kf325
 air filter. Its a 4.375 stroke, Axtell cyl and Hillside Cycle custom
 heads. Its really pulls from all
 RPm's and is truly a blast to ride. Just wanted to forward you the
 sheets incase they were
 good enough for your site..I will attach the SAe and uncorrected ones...

 Thanks Bob and cant wait to build another motor with your cams....
 Dan  Maushardt 
Click Here for Dyno Run



Hi Bob 

Well where do I start, the smile on my face pretty well says how happy I have been with all
your products over the past 6 years.  Over this time we’ve become; friends, business associates
and best of all we have had  100’s  of miles riding  in Sturgis where we met back in 03. 
I see quite a few people on this page that i know and have met since owning your products like 
Mitch Millar warming up his rear tire to light up his cigar.  
Recently  had Dan Lodon  built my 2nd 95
with your 408g  cams  and WOW  what a  set cams. I had the 400’s before and with this new build 
and  the additional motor & head work the 408g’are giving me an unreal sound, performance and mileage.
Other parts in the build are your springs which I will never be without in any  v-twin motor, plus  your
pistons and HPInc’s throttle body.  Bob in all seriousness the EPA should give you 
  an  award or
recommendation for INCREASING the fuel mileage on Harleys and v-twin engines!!  These 408’g and the
new build give me about 20% better mileage and I’ll let you know what the dyno numbers are from Rods.
I spoke with Rodney at Rods performance in Hanceville AL and he also agreed with me  that  the 408g’s
in the right build have to be one of your best all  around cams. In closing like the one guy said above,
not only did your products meet my expectations
 ,  they exceeded them!  Bob your slogan should be  
performance is remembered long after price is forgotten".
Aggie Frazao " .

Wanted to share the finaly dyno results with you guys. The customer
is extremely happy with his setup. Feel free to post this run on you
websites. Thank you for all the help and time you took with
Steve Romo
Service Assistant Manager
Reno Harley-Davidson/Buell


Hey Bob,
I'm the guy that bought the TW-408-44 & +4 gear through Brooklyn Harley
for the 09 Street Glide....
I ride with a group of guys, most with 110 S/E's baggers....
Talk about a group of unhappy puppies...I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for ALL,

Dear Bob,
I recently installed your TW-408-44 in my 103' dyna streetbob. The bike went from mild to wild.
It has a lumpy idle, but great  power off the bottom. The top end is unbelievable!! the bike rips!!
They say there isn't a cam that does everything. This cam does everything. Thank you very much
for such a great product!!


Dear Bob,
I recently installed your TW408-44 cams  in my 2008 dyna. The bike went
from mild to wild.  91hp and 104tq!! The bike has tons of bottom end and
screams on the top!! This cam does everything!! Thank you for making
such a great product!!



Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 7:49 AM
Subject: you can sure make a damn fine grind A good night prowler ad with testimony

Bob woods 590roller conversion cams jims 116 stock head ported done
by. B.P.R.O Crestwood Il thunder max ecm 50 mm hd intake ported,pipes
and air filter  and build Accurate Auto-Crestwood, Il and thank you
Smiley - owner Accurate pilot Bill 1-815-768-6669 no dyno time yet but
theres nun to much on Chi town streets that can hang with it



Stay Tuned!  More to come!!

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