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Wood Performance Customers

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This is Dane over at Mike Bruno’s Bayou Country Harley-Davidson.
I wanted to send you this dyno sheet for this 2013 FLHTCUSE 110 C.I.
We put the TW-888, you roller lifters, and a Bassani B4 2-into-1 exhaust.
I also sent you a picture of the customer riding as you can see he is
enjoying it very much. He is very impressed.
Dane Giroir
Assisstant Parts Manager
Mike Bruno's Bayou Country Harley-Davidson
1740 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Houma, LA 70360
Phone: (985)872-4380
Fax: (985)872-4387


From: Bret Settle
Wood cams never fail to deliver, but the new TW-888 is a real gem. 
As a bolt-in, it’s a fun ride.  Feed it with compression and let it breath, it
becomes a real beast across the board.  With heads and a tune from
Wolfgang/Mutant Motors, it’s the best dyno curve I’ve had from a 107”
build: peak 131hp/135tq.  Great job on your new line of cams.

Bob, I ordered a set of your TW400-6 cams after talking with you about my
current set up on my 2011 road glide custom. I can't tell you how impressed
and satisfied with the cams i am, they are amazing...complete torque monsters,
from idle to WOT. These cams pull and pull, really woke up my motor. Thank you
again for a great product. It was an easy instal, these cams everyone says are
loud and noisy but I find them to be quieter than the SE260s they replaced.
They have a sewing machine sort of hum/tapping sound but doesn't sound to loud.
I am a completely impressed and satisfied customer, and will never order any
other cams but Woods cams. I'm looking at doing your belt drive next, how much
does that cost, and is it an upgrade that would be good for the motor.
Tank you for your time in advance.

NC State VP

Hey Bob,

I finally got my bike put on the dyno its amazing! I’m running the TW777 it’s a
torque monster!
All the torque you would ever need! Just got back from a 550 mile
trip it was night and day difference like a different bike for sure!
I would recommend this set up to anyone!
Brian K. Ebel
Electrical Maintenance & Construction

HI Mr. Wood,
Just wanted to contact you and let you know that the triple 7 cams and Knight prowler lifters
that I bought and installed over a year  ago  have been working great and have performed  flawlessly .
The increase in power was just what I was looking for! Also I wanted to thank you for the free copy
of your book that you included with my order, it was a very good read! 
I also wanted let you know that I am very impressed with your products, your book and how you
have lived your life!!
Thank you
Doug Cunning
Lincoln, NE

Bob---I'd like to thank you for your advice. Your RRC-2 kit was totally complete-
I needed to get nothing else. I love the 555's in my 05 Road Glide. Jamie at
FuelMoto got the PC-5 tuning down very well. The bike has a very different
character now. Pulls very strongly compared to before. The sound through the
Vance and Hines true duals is sharper- not nearly as mellow as it sounded before.
Very crisp throttle response also. Thanks also for the shirt and book.
What and adventure bringing 464 Juliet back home. Very good read.
Thank you again sir- it is a pleasure doing business with you.
You can post this on your testimonials page if you would like.

       Jim Rayer, Columbia, SC

This cam / valve springs  is just what you said it was. 99 Hardbody Softail,
S&S 113". 795 lbs. Total weight with rider & bike. This bike is now gets there before me.
Thanks for the book, (WOW). & SHIRT.
FROM John Northrup, Rochester, N.Y.

Hi Bob,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I purchased some TW408-6 cams and lifters off
you in April for my CVO 110" powered Lowrider.
I'm just writing to say a big thank you as the performance is now exactly
how I want it. Blistering!!
The power is right there from low all the way through. It screams.
It's now putting out 131 horsepower at the rear wheel and 128 pounds torque.
Not bad for a 110".

Kind regards from New Zealand.
Richard Craddock

I just received and installed your directional roller lifters in my ’06 FLHTCUI. 
Typical initial 95 motor build with Big Boyz street heads, Andrews 26 cams, Baisley
oil spring, H-D hydraulic cam plate and stock HD “B” series lifters. 
After ~ 8K miles the lifters were making more noise than the whole motor so I installed
yours and to your pushrod spec.
WHAT A DIFFERENCE…  the clatter is now all gone!!!  I’ve never had an H-D Twin Cam
motor run this quiet, modified or stock.  Point is…  thank you for inventing a product that
finally works like it should (as compared to the H-D production part junk)!!! 
Your products are definitely now on my “quality aftermarket parts” list.
Also…  thanks for the book and tee-shirt!!!
Thx & Regards,
Tom Dickerson

Bobby, Terry,
Thanks for everything so far.  I am thrilled to have finally had you rework my carburetor. 
I have been paying attention to you for years.  I even talked to you once years ago
but I never did anything until now.  However at this point I would like to convert my bike
to using nothing but your products and your system.
Bobby, thanks for sending the air filter and backing plate.  I will get you the additional
money by the middle of next month or sooner hopefully.  As it is I spent as much as I
could this month.  I wasn’t expecting to do this this month but when the plastic fuel inlet
broke I thought that was a sign that it was time to send the entire unit to Woods Performance. 
Your kindness is greatly appreciated and I will try to show my appreciation and pay you early.
I also saw another picture of your FXR parked in front of a beautiful lake. 
You really kicked out the front end.  It looks real cool.
Thanks again for everything.
Continued success.

Brian Kelly  

Hi Bob from Northern Alberta. 

I purchased your Directional Roller Lifters and a set of TW-777 at your recommendation and couldn’t
be happier.  Have them in an 09 FLTR Road Glide with an S&S 106” top end.  Before with the other cams
I had in it felt like I had “some” power, but now it’s almost out of hand!  I almost can’t shift fast enough,
the rear suspension is sacked and the front is pulling up.  Like them a lot.  Great, quality product.  
Happy I came across them.Just bought a new Dyna too so will definitely be putting in Wood Performance
cams and lifters also.  And No!  I’m not recommending your products to anyone!  
“SMOKE THE COMPETITION!”  Hahaha, my secret.
hanks again.  Gene up North.

Here's a copy of my dyno run from a local harley dealer this past weekend at their dyno shoot out.
Took first place in the 88" - 96" class.
Here’s a pic of me on my 01 road king going thru the Tail of the Dragon after completing the build.
   I installed your 408 cams and Super King 505 carb a couple years ago and all I can say is  WOW !  
That together with DTT ignition and Bub 7 two into one exhaust makes for one powerful combination,  
over 112 sae HP from a 95”  twin cam.  I’ve taken a total of 5 first place prizes at local dyno shootouts
with this combination, and still get close to 40 mpg  cruising  down the road.
Just want to say   “thanks”   for making such great products.

I am sorry this took a while. We had weeks of constant rain. Finally had a good sunny day to
take a picture of 2013 Road King Classic.
We had the 222 Cams installed and we are extremely excited about the torque and power increase.
We picked up over 15 foot pounds of torque. Never have down shift in 6 gear with 2 up to pass vehicles.
Thanks for the wonderful customer support to help me choose the right cam for us. We are a loyal customer.

Seattle, WA

thank you for your help with some cams, we won pro gas in sturgis,
thanks tom

A few months ago I spoke with Mr. Wood about different performance products he has available
to the motorcycle world. Especially the Harley-Davidson world. I found that Mr. Wood has a very
direct way of speaking to customers about his products. That being said, I selected the Knight Prowler
tw6h cams, the Knight Prowler directional roller lifters and the 4 degree advance cam gear. These parts
were put in a motor with 95 ci of displacement. It has 10.5 compression, fuel moto level b heads
and a fat cat 2 into 1 header. The motor blew everyones mind when it was dynoed. 111 horsepower
and 107 on the torque. The motor is also fitted with a 51mm throttle body from horsepower, inc.
and a power commander. This motor was built by Roger at C&C custom cycles, in Chariton, Iowa.
Bob Chipp, owner of C&C, says this motor is the strongest 95ci motor their shop has ever built.
A framed copy of the dyno sheet hangs in the state of the art dyno room at C&C. I also won the
dyno shoot out at the 10th anniversary show and dyno shoot out at Fat Baggers, Inc. with this motor.
Mr. Wood I want to say thank you for your help in selecting the parts from your company,
that made this possible. Your Knight Prowler speed products are not only outstanding in the
quality department, but outstanding in the result department. Absolutely, without a doubt,
bar none, they work.
Bill Fabac,
Smithville, Missouri

Just wanted to say my dealer (Barb's Harley Davidson) suggested TW-222 cams for my 2013 Tri glide. 
I had them install them along with your new lifters and wow!!!!   What a difference.  This trike will now
go from the back of the pack to way out front.  I've never felt anything just wake up a little off idle
and pull and pull thru 90 mph!  Cold here in South Jersey to ride, but the 10 miles home was the
best ride I've ever had on this thing.  My sled has become a rocket ship! 
Thank you so much for the excellent design!!!!
Joe Davies
Mt. Royal, NJ 

Hey there Bob. I don't have the tune finalized just yet as I'm waiting for the shop to open back up at the beginning of the year. 
Once I have the final dyno sheet and all tuned with with the final numbers I will send that as well.
Feel free to use my story on your website.  I have attached a picture of the bike for you as well.
I do have a question though.  I hear a SLIGHT knock when first accelerating.  I'm not sure if its just because of the
new cam being a high lift and its just a little louder than before or if it is something I need to have addressed. 
We have installed the 555, the Woods Night Prowler Lifters, and the Fuel Moto adjustable pushrods. 
Sounds fine when cruising, just a new noise I'm not sure about.
Thanks again!
Jimmy Fountaine

Bob it’s Gavin Delacy from  Melbourne  Australia , you sent me a W6 evo cam and I want to thank you for that grind cam
because it is 1 awsome cam. I tried 5 cams and the EV3 was good Crane cams not so good the W6 never sleeps,
it works so on song with my 94 FXR with the  mods it is unbelievable with out fine tune yet. Your t shirts are way
cool as well and you got it to me so quick . THANKS BOB YOUR  A TRUE LEGEND and 1 last thing our country
stands beside USA all the way.
Gavin Delacy

Hey man, my name is Chuck. I have a 2009 Streetglide that has been modified extensively including a 107 top end
with T-man perf. touring elite heads,Feuling oil system,cam plate,lifters, Darkhorse crank w/corillo Hbeam rods,new
H.D.cases w/Timken conv. and heavy duty right side bearing, H.P.I. 55 mm throttle body, RB racing LSR 2/1 exhaust
and chain conversion, Bandit clutch in Evoloution basket w/evoloution solid front crank sprocket. The reason I listed all
of this is so you know that I am no stranger to performance. I just recently replaced the cams in my motor
with your new 999-6 cams. Man you nailed it. I would have never picked that profile for a bagger just because of the valve timing,
I chose to try them based on how your website described they would perform and your reputation. I was looking to produce torque
earlier and man that is exactly what I got along with great mid and top. I didn’t think that was possible. I’m a fat guy (310) on a
fat bike and with a half ass tune when I wick it from a roll it will drag the rearfender, Scared the shit outta me the first time.
Two words can describe those cams...BAD ASS! The only change I made were the cams and new lifters and my bike didn’t run
like that prior, hell of a difference. I was seeing 121 hp and 118 tq average on dyno pulls before, I cant wait to get this thing dialed
in and see what kind of numbers it will see. I don’t usually care about dyno readouts other than to use them as a tuning tool,
but now I’m excited. Just wanted to send an attaboy your way man, hell of a job.

I put the Wood's 7h cams and Knight Prowler lifters in my 2012 FLTRSE. Really woke the 110 up have a
very nice torque curve, 120.76 torque. Bob was very helpful in giving me the information I needed to get
the best cams for me and the way I ride. Thanks Bob
Les Ingram, Pope County Illinois

Bobby, I again did a new bagger last year (2013 Street Glide) using yourTW222 cams, directional Lifters,
screamin eagle race tuner, Vance &Hines 2:1 Pro pipe and performance machine Merc air cleaner.
Bike runs great and is comfortable for the 800 mile Days me and the wife do pretty regularly.
You make A great product and have always been so kind when I order or need anything.
Seems about 112 mph Then I have to shift into 6th though?! Thank you!
Chase Hightower
5397 W CR 75 North
Connersville Indiana. 47331

Bob Wood's cams work exactly like he says.  Makes power, had an Andrews 37 and replaced with Bob's TW8G.
O.M.G. what a difference, unbelievable horsepower and torque difference. Some people complain about valve train
noise, I noticed no noise at all, just power. Bob recommended 2 degree advance kit to help bottom end... it's amazing
the power this can put in my bike. I'm running 10:1 compression, ported and polished heads, big bore kit with Primo
3 inch belt drive and 32 tooth trans sprocket. If you need tech advice, Bob is happy to talk to you and guide you the right way.
He is very honest and a real biker-knowledgeable man. I am telling all the brothers how good this cam works and
stop spending your money on cams that Claim they work. I've rode HD's for 45 years and have had some fast bikes,
but this upgrade has made my softail the quickest. Bottom line, Wood Cams work!

Bob, I called and ordered cams off you in January. You talked me into your new tw999 6a for my 12 streetglide.
Awesome recommendation. Just had it tuned today. Bike only has 30 tooth compensator gear, cams, 2 into 1 bassani,
heavy breather, and super tuner. 101 hp and 111 torque. Really impressed. Bike pulls hard. For a basically stock 103,
I am very pleased.Also you sent me a free tshirt and a copy of your book. I have not read a book in 15 years. I figured if
someone was nice enough to give me a free book, that it was worth reading. I was glued to you book every night for bout
a month till I finished it. Is Raul still around, does he still work for you? Just curious. Will always use and recommend woods cams.
Thanks again, Matt Robinson

Hey Bobby,
Just wanted to let you know your cams are the best. We finished my 107ci. M.V.A. heads 58mm throttle body with
your tw999-6 and directional lifters. It made 129.41 hp. and 132.48 tq. My 120r buddy is sick ! Here is a copy of that
run file for your records. Also thanks for the book , what an adventure. That would make a great movie.

Michael 'Jake' Jacobs

Sargent at Arms
High Rollers MC
702- 807-2995

Hello, I just put a cvo 110 together against what others told me. It is stock flat top pistons,.030 head gaskets,
stock 103 acr heads with some port work and stock valve sizes. A 58 mm Throttle hog with 5.3 injectors,
your lifters and the tw 999-6a cams, Jamie @ Fuel Moto sent me a base map to get it running and after 3 Target Tune runs
and adjustments This thing is one strong bike I don’t know what the dyno will say but compared to the bike stock
and tw7h-6 cams the butt dyno says Its a lot stronger and pulls hard right off idle to the limiter!!!! Happy Happy!
Let all the experts say that those cams are to big for a good easy riding touring machine and wont have any
bottom end power and I will show em different and laugh! Thanks for putting products out there that will
work as said, nice job on that cam set!

After owning my 2011 Street Glide with a 96 motor for over 5 years, I decided it was time for a change. 
I generally ride two up and occasionally pull a trailer so I was primarily looking for some extra torque. 
I gave Mr. Wood a call and he recommended his TW-222 cams and I also decided to replace my
stock lifters with the Knight Prowlers. I now have everything installed and I’m amazed at how much more
power I have.  Now riding two up feels like it did with just me before the cam change!
This is the perfect cam for me.  Thanks for waking up my 96!
Brian Hodge – Tulsa, OK

  We spoke last Fall and you helped me choose your Night Prowler 777 cam and lifters for my bike. 
The fact that you told me that they were bolt in on my 2011 FLTRI 103” with no changes to springs
was the clincher.  Anyway, I bought them from Fuel Moto along with the required gaskets and cam bearings. 
I also used Zipper’s adjustable push rods, an HD SEST, a D+D Fatcat with wrapped louvered baffle and . 
The result was phenomenal with an instant on torque curve that is as flat and long as Kansas! 
Heads or displacement changes would have gotten me more, but it wasn’t necessary. 
My tuner  outstanding as you can see on the attached dyno chart. 

2014 street glide 107 with TW 777 and the new alpha lifters put a big smile on my face every time I
pull the trottle, thx Bob.
The tuning was done by Gary William and the results was 113 hp and 125 torque ,sweet.
Luis Benjamin

Bob I just had the below parts installed by Freedom Harley Davidson in Ottawa Ontario in Canada on my 2013 FLHX
Street Glide with the 103 engine. The TW-222 camshaft pulls hard from the 1000 RPM to 5000 plus.
Lots of power and torque my street glide idles nice sounds good and performance is great thanks.
Wood TW-222
CV carb with DYNO Jet kit
Harley Davidson factory header pipe with NO CAT
Screamin' Eagle Premium Tapered Quick-Install Adjustable Pushrods
Screamin' Eagle Billet Cam Support Plate with High Volume Oil Pump
Screamin' Eagle Premium Tapered Quick-Install Adjustable Pushrods
Stage 2 Harley Davidson download

Your TW-222 is everything I expected & then some. Pulls hard from idle to 5500 rpm, great torque curve,
exactly what I need for two up riding on my 09 Road King Classic. Motor is stock 96” with K&N RK-3930 air cleaner
plus Vance & Hines Monster Ovals (plug removed). A huge improvement in power for not much money.
And a big thanks to Justin Grobe for a killer dyno tune.
Still wearing a cap as I just got back from riding in 42° weather. I’m planning to ride whenever there’s no ice on
the road as the bike is a ton of fun with the additional thrust.  Click here to view dyno run.

Barry Milton
Benton Illinois

Thanks for recommending Justin, what a great guy to work with. Your 222 cams made 102 tq & 87 hp on my stock 96" motor & my
Road King is a totally different bike. Justin replaced the stock clutch spring with the heavier Screamin Eagle spring & it's a
perfect match for the additional torque.
Ihave 350 miles on the new cams & could not be more pleased.
Barry Milton

Mr Wood,
First of all Thank You for taking time to talk with me about my upgrade. I have always liked to do business
with people who are professional, and work with you to answer any questions I may have.
Thanks to Route 66 Ironhorse Ranch, for recommending your product, and doing the install.
I have a 2012 Ultra Classic with the V-Twin 103.  I happen to be a rather large person, and when riding,
even though I was pleased with its performance, I wanted to have more power in the mid range. I mentioned
this to my mechanic, and right away he said Wood Triple Deuces. After the install, and I was able
to ride her home, I was absolutely amazed with the results. Riding in 5th & 6th gears, i felt as if 5th worked  
harder, and 6th not enough. I felt as if I needed an in between gear.  Now riding 70 - 75 mph in both of those
gears are effortless. The power she has where I need it is perfect. I am very pleased with the outcome,
and now its like i'm riding a new Harley. I just cant describe how pleased I am.  My Wife notices it also.

Thank You Sir
Bear Smith
Broken Arrow, Okla.

Installed the wood tw - 222 cam with lifters that I purchased from fuel moto and the map I received from
Jamie made the bike better than ever..  Real nice power, enjoying the new ride… 2008 Ultra,  Great cam…
Lou Cata
St. Augustine, Florida

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the TW222. I would’ve never thought a cam
change would make such a difference! At 2700 rpm it just comes alive and pulls! It’s like a whole
new bike. Can’t wait till the warm weather gets here. I highly recommend the TW222 for anyone
with a stock 103 touring

Stay Tuned!  More to come!!

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